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Viva la Sport!

Garret McDowell November 2, 2011

Despite an age where more college students are participating in athletics than ever, the NCAA has stopped protecting them and their best interests. The NCAA has failed student-athletes everywhere. Gone...

Playoff scenario in NCAA

Garret McDowell September 21, 2011

So with the face of college football set to drastically change in the coming days, the time for a playoff is more readily apparent than ever. Those who want the BCS gone can finally yell for the destruction...

(photo courtesy of India’s cricket team won a thrilller over Pakistan despite losing the world championship. The border rivalry sits at number six on the bucket list of events from around the world.

Viva la sport

Garret McDowell April 13, 2011

  A few months ago, my editor and fellow columnist Andrew Lockwood wrote a great piece on his ideal things in sports that he would love to see/be a part of. Well, since Andrew and I don’t always...

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