Mercer Cluster

 Photos from the Cauldron, Mercer's yearbook, show students waiting in line to register for classes.

Throwback Thursday: How Mercer students registered before computers

Jenna Eason, Photography Editor March 31, 2016

As students scramble to meet with their advisors and figure out what to do with their lives, registration looms ever closer on the calendar. It’s not a new worry. Students at Mercer were  stressing...

Throwback Thursday: In a time of war

Throwback Thursday: In a time of war

Jenna Eason, Photography Editor November 11, 2015

At the beginning of World War II, former Mercer University President Spright Dowell said Mercer should strive “to do her full-part for the national defense” and “to study a plan for after war conditions...

Mercer University was rated 9 out of 10 of the top party schools in the nation in Playboy Magazine’s October issue in 1987.

Throwback Thursday: Mercer named one of the top 10 party schools

Jenna Eason, Photography Editor October 15, 2015
ayboy Magazine ranked Mercer ninth out of the 10 top party schools in the nation in 1987 and had some alleged Mercer students star in their October issue.
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