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Campus carry bill explained, Mercer sees no changes

Campus carry bill explained, Mercer sees no changes

Summer Perritt, Staff Writer

March 17, 2016

The Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill Feb. 22 to legalize the carry of concealed weapons on public college campuses. Bill 859, otherwise known as “Campus Carry,” allows any student 21 or over with a concealed weapons license to carry a gun anywhere on a public college or univers...

Fresh Off the Docket

Fresh Off the Docket

Megan Rosinko, Contributing Writer

November 11, 2015

SGA this Monday focused on the promotion of diversity on campus and the significance of "first come, first serve" funding

Dear AWARE: real questions from real students

Dear AWARE: real questions from real students

October 14, 2015

A.W.A.R.E. is a student group of peer educators under the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) umbrella. CAPS is located behind MEP and provides free, confidential counseling to Mercer students. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m. Feel free to call (478-301-2862) and schedule an appointment at ...

Bear Forum: a place to voice your concerns

Bear Forum: a place to voice your concerns

Sarah Pounds

February 25, 2015

The event was pitched as a place to “voice your concerns” on the organization’s Facebook page, but there weren’t many issues raised at Bear Forum because there were only three students there that aren't on SGA. “We were expecting 60,” said Senator Min Oh, the chairwoman of Public Relations and El...

Macon Mall renovations finishing, unveiling Nov. 19

Alicia Landrum

November 2, 2011

Anyone who has been to the Macon Mall (accessible from Mercer University Drive or Eisenhower Parkway) within the past few months has noticed the great number of changes that the venue is currently undergoing. The hallways and corridors are stuffed with construction equipment, and many of the once long-standing...

Welcome to the "Danger Zone"

Welcome to the "Danger Zone"

Rebecca Mayo

March 30, 2011

The newly installed raised crosswalks in Mercer Village still pose a danger to students despite being updated to elevate campus safety. These safety measures have not helped because problems still exist, if not more than before. A little more than a month ago, the improved crosswalks were installed in ...

Spring Break safety tips

Kathleen Quinlan

February 23, 2011

- Make sure you always have your ID. - Always travel in groups.  - Always wear protection (sunscreen or otherwise). - Don’t fall asleep in a hot tub. - Don’t leave your drink unattended. - Don’t trust strangers. They aren’t your friends. - Always buckle up. - If someone follows you to...

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