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Bear Bites: Metropolis

Metropolis' $7.99 lunch buffet allows new comers to try out both types of food offered: Greek and Indian. From gyros to chicken curry, you can find something to satisfy your craving for international cuisine.

Nicholas Wooten, Managing Editor

January 28, 2016

Let me be frank: Indian cuisine is not in my gustatory wheelhouse. I come from a poor, white Southern family that fries anything that can be floured and cooks nearly every vegetable with pork. But, as with my love of sushi, my parents’ taste will not indefinitely define my own. I’ve had Indian fo...

Bear Bites: Cox Cafe

Cox Cafe has been serving cafeteria-style since 1996.

Nick Wooten, Managing Editor

October 28, 2015

I had an existential crisis at 694 Lower Poplar St. The small white brick building along that potholed road seemed like it had been pumping out collard greens and mac and cheese well before my time. But the bright red sign read “since 1996.” The cafeteria-style service, old round tables an...

Bear Bites: Polly’s La Mesa

Polly’s La Mesa was founded in 1976 and 
prides itself on its house-made salsa which it sells by the jar at the front counter. The eatery caters to a local crowd and offers large portions at fair prices. Above are their Tamales covered in a mix of cheddar cheese and white cheese. The dish is served sides of rice and beans.

Nicholas Wooten, Managing Editor

October 14, 2015

Polly’s La Mesa is not somewhere you’d expect a college kid to sit down and order. It’s only about two and a half miles from Mercer University, but it feels a world away and untouched by time. Most of the tables are filled with the elderly and local police officers. The TV in the corner is an...

Growing Pains: Changes to Dining Options Raise Questions

The hours of operation for all food locations are posted around campus.

Sophie Peel and Nicholas Wooten

September 9, 2015

Record‐breaking freshman classes continue to push the university’s dining resources to its limits. After conducting a market match survey in the spring, Mercer’s administration took the feedback they received from interviews of faculty, staffs and students to heart when adding the two new...

Check, Please! Bearfoot Tavern

Gene Mitchell

January 25, 2012

Cherry Street in downtown Macon boasts several local bars and eateries with great variety for patrons to enjoy.  A new and hip place, located at the end of Cherry Street, has recently opened up to attract college students and young locals.  As most businesses in Macon, Bearfoot Tavern and its staff...

Downtown Macon restaurant offers outdoor hookah section, belly dancers

Downtown Macon restaurant offers outdoor hookah section, belly dancers

Kaitlin Marrin

November 2, 2011

Macon’s newest downtown eatery, Roasted Café & Lounge, is sure to be the next local hangout for Mercer students. The owner, Nick Rizkalla, who is originally from Los Angeles and a recent alumnus of Mercer University, opened the store three weeks ago. He came to Macon six years ago and decide...

check, please!

check, please!

Gene Mitchell

September 21, 2011

Downtown Macon has opened up its heart and shown the world how hard work and creativity makes a restaurant successful.  This week I explored the back alleys of downtown to find the hidden treasures that await in a little restaurant (located at 574 Mulberry Street) called Tokyo Alley. Atmosphere The hidden restauran...

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