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Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Katie Atkinson, News Editor August 29, 2016
The school year is in full swing again, and many students are already wondering how to outfit their dorms to match some of the comforts of home. Here are a few craft ideas for students who want to give their dorm decorations a personal touch.
Adding comfortable pillows and blankets, customized wall decorations, and soft, unique lighting can transform a dorm room into the perfect cozy nook.

Hacking the Residence Hall: Tips and tricks for a happy home-away-from-home

Sarah Pounds, News Editor August 27, 2015

There’s something so invigorating about a new space. You move in and immediately you’re presented with a blank canvas that’s going to belong to you - and maybe a roommate or two - for two semesters. A...

Mercer plans new freshman residence hall

Marin Guta February 8, 2015

Mercer plans to begin construction this May on a new freshman women’s residence hall that will open in summer 2016. It’s been a decade since the university built its last residence hall, Mercer...

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