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Mercer student creates Instagram account to feature Black students’ businesses

Mercer student creates Instagram account to feature Black students’ businesses

Mandi DeLong, Campus Life Correspondent March 13, 2021

After realizing the lack of recognition for many Black-owned student businesses on campus, junior Melody Gervin created an Instagram account dedicated to featuring and supporting her classmates. Gervin...

The statue of Jesse Mercer, the founder and first president of the university, in the heart of campus.

Mercer to erect new statue celebrating diversity

Michael Mallard, Contributing Writer March 11, 2021
In June 2020, the University’s Board of Trustees approved a proposal to install a sculpture at the heart of campus to commemorate Mercer’s racial integration in 1963 and to promote the institution’s commitment to diversity today, according to a press release.
Rachel Cargle via Facebook

Activist Rachel Cargle asks Mercer students to consider their roles in upholding white supremacy

Emily Rose Thorne, Editor in Chief March 8, 2021

Rachel Cargle is not interested in “spoonfeeding” racial justice to her audiences. Instead, she engages in conversation with them and challenges them to think critically about the systems they participate...

OPINION: People of color are not your teachers

OPINION: People of color are not your teachers

Ashley Pemberton, Lead Arts & Culture Writer March 6, 2021

This is an opinion article. Any views expressed belong solely to the author and are not representative of The Cluster. The Black Lives Matter movement raises the question of whether Black people should...

Rachel Cargle via Facebook

Activist to deliver talk on intersectionality for Women’s History Month

Mary Helene Hall, Managing Editor February 28, 2021
Rachel Cargle, a public academic, writer and lecturer, will be delivering a talk on the way race impacts everyday life as the first program of Mercer’s Women’s History Month celebration.
Black History Month: How Hank Aaron smashed home runs and racial barriers

Black History Month: How Hank Aaron smashed home runs and racial barriers

Micah Johnston, Sports Editor February 9, 2021
Hank Aaron passed away Jan. 22, 2021. He was one of the most iconic baseball players of all time. More importantly, though, Aaron was emblematic of racial and social justice, playing in the South during a time of racial conflict.
Friends play a card game in the freshman dorm Legacy Hall.

First-time student voters consider critical issues in 2020 presidential election

Emily Rose Thorne, Editor in Chief October 19, 2020
Students who will cast their first presidential vote next month told The Cluster what issues matter most to them as they weigh their options.
Tamara Barnard’s cousin, Botham Jean, was killed in his own home Sept. 6, 2018 by an ex-Dallas police officer. Photo provided by Tamara Barnard

‘Don’t be afraid to talk about race’: Racism in America and its impact on a Mercer student

Natalie Yaeger, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer October 8, 2020
Tamara Barnard, a senior at Mercer University, lost her cousin Botham Jean to police violence in 2018. Now, she conducts research and activism advocating for anti-racism and police reform.
Artist and former Mercer University student, Gwendolyn Payton, presented her art exhibit “The Faith of the Dreamer” at the Plunkett Art Gallery Sept. 25.

Mercer alumna’s dreams come true as she receives art degree withheld for 50 years

Ashley Pemberton, Contributing Writer October 7, 2020
Payton set out to achieve her art degree at Mercer University nearly 50 years ago. She completed all of her courses; however, the university did not allow her to exhibit her senior art show because of the racial tension present in the art department at the time.  Now, almost half a century later, Payton’s work is on display at the Plunkett Art gallery in Hardeman Hall for all to see.
Derrick Buie attends the Equal Justice March and Vigil on Sept. 4 at Mercer University.

Students demonstrate against racism, police brutality in on-campus march

Lars Lonnroth, News Editor September 8, 2020
Approximately 400 Mercer students, faculty and staff marched through campus Sept. 4 protesting racism and police brutality in Mercer’s first Equal Justice March and Vigil. Afterwards, over 100 demonstrators gathered in Willingham Hall for a rally and vigil where protest organizers read the names of Black people killed in high-profile instances of police brutality and racism in efforts to raise greater awareness of racism in America.
Letter to the Editor: Faculty condemn racial violence and police brutality and commit to anti-racism

Letter to the Editor: Faculty condemn racial violence and police brutality and commit to anti-racism

June 23, 2020
The statement was written and overwhelmingly supported by the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
The Juneteenth flag was first raised in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts, by designer Ben Haith, according to the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation.

Juneteenth: What is it and how can we commemorate it?

Chance Allen, Lead Writer June 19, 2020
The enslaved were “free” as the Emancipation Proclamation was finalized in 1863, but it wasn’t until two and a half years later that it was actually celebrated and implemented within society.
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