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Psychology professor to lead semester-long study abroad program in London

Dr. Amy Borchardt is hoping to lead a study abroad trip to London, England next semester.

Natalie Yaeger, Lead News Writer

October 8, 2019

Some of the courses being offered include Introduction to Psychology and Health Psychology, both taught by Borchardt, as well as classes in art history, English studies and British life and culture. “It’s like you’re in Mercer in Macon, but you’re actually in London!” she said.

Olympics close with a Spice-y tribute to British music

Bryson Jones

August 15, 2012

Great Britain definitely did the entire world a huge favor by topping their confusing and outright weird opening ceremony performance with a more than entertaining closing ceremony. The night was filled with fireworks, strobe lights and—most importantly—a vast array of music. The organizers of the...

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