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Easy chores to make adulting feel less daunting

Mahima Sultan washes dishes.

Jonathan Morey, Staff Writer

February 1, 2020

College is all about learning how to be an adult, and I’ve found that living in a cleaner environment makes me feel like I have my life more together than I really do.

Opinion: The Lofts aren’t as luxury as they’d like you to think

Emily Rose spent most of her summer propping her Lofts door open with a shoe due to the broken Bear Card scanner on her door.

Emily Rose Thorne, Digital Editor

August 14, 2019

Rent is $810 per month, not including utility fees or the security deposit. Despite the luxury price, Bear Card systems break and stay broken, the hallways are home to more than their fair share of bugs and — worst of all — the privacy you think you’re getting doesn’t materialize.

Mercer Landing II lofts nearing completion as Phase V gets a pet-friendly update

Phase 6 of the Lofts is under construction.

Rylee Kirk

November 27, 2018

Construction on the new “Mercer Landing II” lofts is nearing completion. The new lofts will be open and available to students in August 2019. In comparison to Phase V, the existing Lofts at Mercer Landing,  the new building will be “similar yet with its own flair,” said Jonathan Leake, Dir...

New dorms, pedestrian bridge bring changes to campus

The new pedestrian bridge will connect the second level of the Lofts at Mercer Landing to the southern edge of Mercer's campus.

Summer Perritt, Opinions & Lifestyle Editor

August 19, 2016

Mercer’s campus received a face-lift for the upcoming semester with the completion of Legacy Hall, the pedestrian bridge and the Lofts at Mercer Landing.

Parking Problems

Parking Problems

Sterling Neill, Contributing Writer

September 15, 2015

Beep! Beep! Here comes frustration again when trying to locate a parking spot on the Mercer University Macon campus. All Mercer students have gone through the frustrating and tiring task of trying to find a parking spot close to a building on campus. It is obvious that parking at Mercer on a weekda...

Lofts on College Hill offering new experiences for residents

Lofts on College Hill offering new experiences for residents

Marin Guta, Digital Editor

September 9, 2015

Now that the construction is cleared away and the structures are complete, the Lofts at College Hill on Hardeman Avenue are focusing on building community through events to get residents more acquainted with downtown, the new living space, and each other. For example, on Aug. 25 the Lofts at College...

Phase II of Lofts opens for student housing, prepares for new semester

Danielle DAuria

August 15, 2012

The long and anticipated wait for phase II of The Lofts to be completed is finally over. The building was finished on Aug. 1 and is move-in ready for both Mercer graduate and undergraduate students. Due to the great success of phase I of The Lofts and the high demand to live in this popular area, contractors...

Mercer to relocate houses for Phase II of Lofts

Mercer to relocate houses for Phase II of Lofts

Kaitlin Marrin

October 19, 2011

Be prepared Mercer, in the near future three homes will be slowly creeping by campus on their way to a new location as their empty lots become the next loft development. The homes, currently located at 1658, 1674 and 1690 Coleman Ave., will be relocated to 1035, 1065 and 1071 Oglethorpe St. The ho...

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