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NBA playoffs ramp up leading to finals

NBA playoffs ramp up leading to finals

Keith Holmes Jr., Staff Writer

October 6, 2020

With the semifinals underway, the bubble has stood the test of months of play without a single COVID-19 case. The bubble has even expanded to allow players to bring in certain family members that will fill the capacity that losing teams opened as they left. 

How to take a break during the end of the semester

Brianna Levin destresses by coloring in the grass.

Aliyah Dorsey, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer

April 11, 2019

When we get into the flow of studying it can be hard to realize when enough is enough. Taking the time to know when you’ve reached your limit can be tough and can make you feel like you’re being lazy. But, being a good student also means knowing when to take a break. So, here are a few tips for wha...

Library hours not extended for finals week

Senior Kelsey Hughes

Brittany Dant

April 13, 2011

Jack Tarver Library will not be open 24 hours during finals week, and the library will maintain its regular exam week schedule. In response to a request from the Student Government Association, Tarver provided 24-hour access to the library during last semester’s exam week. “During finals la...

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