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Review: “Little Women” finally delivers the honesty female characters deserve

Review: “Little Women” finally delivers the honesty female characters deserve

Serena Golden, Photography Editor

February 1, 2020

It's easy to brush “Little Women” off as something that’s been done before, but Greta Gerwig's adaptation does something different.

Mercer Artist: A look through an art major’s sketchbook

Faith Reagin poses outside of the Fine Arts building.

Ivy Marie Clarke, Contributing Writer

September 27, 2019

“Who am I?” Reagin said. “I am my own art.”

What is the Macon FIlm Guild?

The Macon Film Guild, housed out of the Douglass Theatre in downtown Macon, shows independent and foreign films that are not mainstream. Logo provided by the Macon Film Guild.

Connor Cable

September 7, 2018

Macon is a town with such rich history; it can sometimes be hard to believe that the city is well into the 21st century. Specifically, Georgia’s booming film industry has been the home for many high-profile film and television productions, and Macon is no exception. With all of the up and coming o...

‘Arrival’ captivates with exceptional writing and incredible performances

Amy Adams (right) as Louise Banks in ARRIVAL by Paramount Pictures.

Will Darragh, Staff Writer

December 3, 2016

Unlike other action-based sci-fi movies, “Arrival” captivates without using a series of high-intensity action scenes with advanced technological weapons. Instead, it presents a story that speaks to the mind and to the soul.

“The Perfect Guy” offers an intense, believable thriller

Patric Michael Ealy captures high marks for his unsettling performance as the obsession-driven Carter Duncan.

Ireal James, Contributing Writer

October 14, 2015

Writers Alan B. McElroy and Tyger Williams have a way of finding horror in realistic situations.  They start with an everyday scenario, then ask, “but what if something goes wrong?” For instance, take their recent film “The Perfect Guy,” a story about a career-driven woman who finds herself ...

Indie film ‘Not My Life’ documents reality of modern slavery

Indie film 'Not My Life' documents reality of modern slavery

January 30, 2015

“Not My Life” is a wake-up call. There exists a reality about human trafficking that is largely unidentified by the majority of the population. It is ultimately a crime that stems from archaic social structures. Yet, the practice has survived and is substantially present every day, all around us. It...

Movie Causes Waves Through Macon, GA

Movie Causes Waves Through Macon, GA

Chelsey Guy

January 28, 2015

Macon has become a prime location for filmmakers and TV producers. With films being filmed in Macon and going off to have great success, Macon as well as other cities in Georgia is becoming quite the hub for the visual entertainment industry. “It’s been great to see the excitement of people seeing...

PHOTOS: Macon hosts 6th MAGA film festival

PHOTOS: Macon hosts 6th MAGA film festival


February 23, 2011

[singlepic id=41 h=390 w=weight float=none] Downtown Macon hosted the 6th annual MAGA film festival Feb. 17-20. The festival featured documentaries, student films, feature films, animation and much more. Events took place at The Cox Capitol Theatre, The Douglass Theatre and The Macon Marriott Center....

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