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Professor Spotlight: Richard Fallis

Richard Fallis, professor of English, enjoys constructing model trains and reading Irish poetry by William B. Yeats.

Kathleen Quinlan

April 13, 2011

Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Richard Fallis is a fan of his students, model trains and the Irish poet William B. Yeats. Fallis is originally from Nashville, Tenn., and attended Wake Forest University before attending Princeton University for graduate school. At the time that he enrolled, the Fo...

Professor Spotlight: Deneen M. Senasi

CJ Akins

March 16, 2011

English professor Deneen Senasi is a good example of a person ending somewhere she did not begin. She was born in Birmingham, Ala., in the same family home that she currently lives in with her husband of 22 years She still currently lives there because her husband resides in the home while working as...

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