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Freshman Hillary Kwarteng opens an Instant Pot.

Making the most out of your Instant Pot

Sarah Moore, Staff Writer March 7, 2021

Like many college students, my food budget is somewhat limited. So when Instant Pots first started getting popular, I was skeptical. They cost between $50 and $100, and I couldn’t see them being very...

Sarah Moore follows a recipe on TikTok to make tortilla triangles.

Trying TikTok recipes in a college dorm

Sarah Moore, Contributing Writer February 9, 2021
Here are three TikTok recipes you can make from the comfort of your dorm.
BREAKING: Mercer freshman passes away in campus dorm

BREAKING: Mercer freshman passes away in campus dorm

Emily Rose Thorne, Editor in Chief January 7, 2021
A Mercer University freshman passed away in her dorm room Jan. 7, according to an email from President Bill Underwood sent to students just after 5:00 p.m.
A student begins to prepare a boxed rice dish using her rice cooker.

Six meals to make in your dorm room

Oneeka Kohli, Contributing Writer September 10, 2020
COVID-19 has changed the way we go about otherwise mundane tasks. If the pandemic  has made you wary of frequent visits to the dining halls and other on-campus dining options, here are six fun meals that you can easily make in your dorm room, ensuring you keep yourself and others safe.
Second-year students Leo Peace and Pooja Vikraman decorate for the holiday season.

Deck the (res) halls: inexpensive holiday decorations guide

Ivy Clarke, Staff Reporter November 24, 2019
We know how stressful the holiday seasons can be between buying gifts, cooking an abundance of meals and studying for finals. That’s why we’re sharing with you 12 ways to decorate your dorm festively without breaking the budget — or Res Life’s rules!
Most recipes can be made in the microwave. Photo by Aliyah Dorsey.

Five Meals You Can Make in Your Dorm

Aliyah Dorsey , Lead Lifestyle Writer November 3, 2018

Sometimes as a student the dining options are just not enough. You may want to mix up your eating habits. However, many students don’t have access to a kitchen to test their culinary skills. There are...

Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Katie Atkinson, News Editor August 29, 2016
The school year is in full swing again, and many students are already wondering how to outfit their dorms to match some of the comforts of home. Here are a few craft ideas for students who want to give their dorm decorations a personal touch.
Do it in a dorm: have a haunted house

Do it in a dorm: have a haunted house

Olivia Brayan October 19, 2011

Ghost stories, creepy crawlies and spooky scenery; it’s that time of year again. Halloween is moving in swiftly, it’s the main time of year where being scary is acceptable. As college students I...

Do it in a dorm: party legally

Laci Gillis September 7, 2011

Having recently moved back on campus for my final year at Mercer, I began to wonder, “Is it possible to throw a party in a dorm?” Well, the answer is yes, and I did so without violating Mercer University’s...

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