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SGA rundown: Donation box robbed, efforts for campus safety and accessibility underway

Graphic provided by SGA.

Lars Lonnroth, Contributing Writer

February 26, 2020

Mercer University’s Student Government Association (SGA) met on Feb. 7 to tackle a wide variety of issues from club funding requests to addressing campus security. This is the SGA rundown.

Mercer Police Blotter: Hit and run, theft by taking, domestic violence and sexual assault

Mercer Police is located on the edge of campus on Winship Street. Archived photo by Jenna Eason

Natalie Yaeger, Lead News Writer

November 21, 2019

This semester, Mercer Police responded to numerous incidents on and around campus. Kyle Sears, director of media relations at Mercer University, provided redacted police reports.

Race for a legacy: Third annual Lauren Giddings 5K to fund Mercer Law students’ bar exam fees

Archived photo by Emily Rose Thorne, 2018

Jacob Lugenbeel, Contributing Writer

November 6, 2019

Mercer Law School’s Association of Women Law Students will host the third annual Lauren Giddings 5K Nov. 7 in Macon to raise money for a scholarship assisting Mercer Law School students with bar exam expenses, which can amount to over $1,000.

Macon at night: Catcalling, harassment and why victims don’t report

A Mercer student walks across the street in Mercer Village late at night.

Emily Rose Thorne, Digital Editor

October 12, 2019

After being followed across campus by a stranger at 2 a.m., I asked Mercer Police if the office had collected any data on similar student experiences and asked two women about navigating Macon at night.

“Macon Peace”: Local organizations aim to decrease youth violence

Photo courtesy of Macon Peace

Sterling Neill, Contributing Writer

September 28, 2019

Organizer and creator of the community organization LJ Malone said he believes that the citizens of Macon desperately need a new approach to handling violence. He got the idea to start this organization while advocating for music artists in the Macon area.

Pro-Bono Mercer Law program set to begin its thirteenth year

“I have seen the difficulties in balancing both sides of the scales,” current participant Randall Edwards says. “I have learned that while the roles of criminal defenders and prosecutors appear only adversarial, they are in fact both tasked with ensuring a fair balancing of our justice system.”

Zaira Khan, Contributing Writer

September 10, 2019

The clinic, since its conception in 2006, has assisted with over 90 cases in Georgia and won over half of them. The clinic is the only one of its kind in the state.

Police Blotter: Car break-ins, theft by taking, sexual battery and more

Police Blotter: Car break-ins, theft by taking, sexual battery and more

Emily Rose Thorne, News Editor

March 2, 2019

Mercer Police have responded to 16 crimes on Mercer’s campus so far in 2019, according to reports provided to The Cluster on Feb. 25. Car break-ins constituted the majority of crimes. Entering auto: Adams St. The first car break-in of 2019 occurred in the Adams St. parking lot Jan. 11. “I w...

Suspect on the loose after Armed Robbery in Tattnall Square Park

Both the Bibb Sheriff's Office and Mercer Police were on the scene after an armed robbery took place in Tattnall Square Park Jan. 14.

Sarah Pounds, Online Editor

January 14, 2018

According to Mercer’s emergency alert system, the Bibb Sheriff’s Office reported an armed robbery in Tatnall Square Park at approximately 12:49 P.M. on Jan. 14. The suspect is a black male estimated to be between 5’8 and 5’10. He was last seen wearing an orange and black jacket and running...

Students report case of battery, three vehicle break-ins over summer

Students report case of battery, three vehicle break-ins over summer

Meagan Hurley, Staff Writer

August 28, 2016

A Mercer student reported being the victim of simple battery this summer when an unknown suspect entered his dorm room and placed a pair of men’s underwear over his face before striking him.

Four sexual assaults have been reported to Mercer Police in the last four months

Four sexual assaults have been reported to Mercer Police in the last four months

Nicholas Wooten, Editor-in-Chief

June 1, 2016

Four sexual assaults were reported during the spring 2016 semester. Records recently released from the university indicate incident reports for sexual assaults were filed on Feb. 1, Feb. 14 and May 11. The Cluster previously reported on an assault that was reported April 9. The two cases in February...

Do not cross: Student reports sexual assault

Do not cross: Student reports sexual assault

Nicholas Wooten, Editor in Chief

May 16, 2016

A Mercer student reported that she was sexually assaulted April 9 at one of the Mercer loft buildings. According to the Mercer police report filed April 11, they were dispatched to the Medical Center emergency room on April 11 regarding the assault. The victim said she reported the incident to Merc...

Racially charged vandalism, fires in Sherwood Hall

Racially charged vandalism, fires in Sherwood Hall

Katie Atkinson, Staff Writer

May 2, 2016

Following recent bulletin board fires and outbreak of racially charged vandalism in Sherwood Hall, Dean of Students Douglas Pearson met with students for an open forum Thursday evening. “This is very serious. We are looking at criminal activity here, and we are treating it as such,” Pearson sai...

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