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Q&A: Comics scribe Gail Simone

A panel from Simone's Secret Six.

Ross Hardy

October 5, 2011

Gail Simone is one of the most high-profile women writers in the world of superhero comic. She began her career working for Marvel Comics on titles like Agent X before moving on to Secret Six and Batgirl at DC Comics. She was recently in town for the Crossroads Writers Festival, and our geek liaison Ross Hardy managed to snag an int...

Q&A: Cartoonist Julia Wertz

The first page from Drinking at the Movies. Click to embiggen.

Eric Brown

April 13, 2011

Julia Wertz is one of the most interesting cartoonists working in the industry today. Her latest book, Drinking at the Movies, is an alternatingly hillarious and poignant retelling of Wertz’s move from San Fransisco to Brookyln. Please, go read it. Eric Brown: What projects have you been working on since Drinking at the Movies? Julia Wertz: My ...

The four best things of 2010

Eric Brown

February 2, 2011

I know that best of lists are kind of a year-end tradition. Pitchfork, The AV Club, and virtually every other pop culture critic in the world likes to post a list at the end of the year, recapping their top choices for that particular 12 month period. They're always in list form, and they're always d...

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