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Fresh Produce Records is closed to regular, in-person business due to COVID-19 precautions, but they allow customers to place orders by calling the business.

Record realness: Vinyl records are taking over the music scene… again!

Jacqueline Lamothe, Staff Writer March 12, 2021

Before the reign of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, vinyl records were the primary way to listen to a favorite artist uninterrupted in the comfort of one’s home. Now, both music artists...

Black-owned businesses on Mercer's campus you need to buy from

Black-owned businesses on Mercer’s campus you need to buy from

Chance Allen, Lifestyle & Opinion Editor February 7, 2021
It’s important that within Black History Month we acknowledge and support Black people, and one way of doing that is by supporting Black businesses. Here are five Black businesses on Mercer’s campus that you can support to give back to the community.
Graphic courtesy of Casey Colquitt

Mercer Fresh Prints changes the game

Mahima Sultan, Lifestyle & Opinion Editor August 14, 2019
Fresh Prints is a custom apparel company that aims to remove the corporate middleman when it comes to custom apparel for student organizations. The company works by selecting campus managers. One of these is none other than Mercer’s own Casey Colquitt. 
As part of the initiative Georgia Grown, the newly opened Dirt Farmer's Marketplace offers a fresh selection of local products. Pictured from left to right: Mike Lavender, Assistant Manager; Moriah Lavender, General Manager; Brendan Rowley, Owner-Operator.

Dirt Farmers Marketplace brings fresh, local fare to Macon

Mary Lathem, Arts and Lifestyle editor September 30, 2015
Brendan Rowley talks homegrown goodies.
Discussions to bring Jersey Mike's Subs to Mercer Village occuring

Discussions to bring Jersey Mike’s Subs to Mercer Village occuring

Nicholas Wooten August 19, 2015

New Jersey-based sandwich chain, Jersey Mike's Subs, may soon be on its way to Mercer Village. Jessica Brown, a manager at the Jersey Mike's Riverside Drive location in Macon, said plans haven't been...

Pet health matters to local business

January 29, 2015

Everyone has heard the old adage—you are what you eat. It turns out the same saying goes for your pet. TailsSpin, a pet food and accessories store, knows all too well the importance of feeding dogs...

Do it in a dorm: start a home business

Salim Ali October 5, 2011

My favorite dream is to be the next Bill Gates. To start from the comfort of my room to the top of the skyscraper with my name on it. Though it may never happen completely  at least half of it might....

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