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Mercer to commission permanent sculpture honoring school history of integration

The statement was written and overwhelmingly supported by the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Mercer University.

Emily Rose Thorne, Editor in Chief

June 19, 2020

Underwood “believes it’s fitting to tell that story through permanent sculpture in a prominent location on campus to provide inspiration and a reminder that we still have much work to do in order to achieve racial justice. Now is the time to get this done.”

Artistic hobbies to try while social distancing

Artistic hobbies to try while social distancing

Ivy Clarke, Lead Arts & Entertainment Writer

April 14, 2020

Doing things off-screen is incredibly healthy for you, and maintaining your wellbeing is critical right now. Here are some ideas for getting the imagination flowing.

Review: Gary Blackburn’s camera captures the beauty of the Southern landscape

Review: Gary Blackburn’s camera captures the beauty of the Southern landscape

Ivy Clarke, Staff Reporter

November 26, 2019

While Blackburn’s early photography work was primarily done in black and white film, these new pieces explore the power of color and digital media.

Review: Katina Bitsicas’ red thread of loss and longing

Katina Bitsicas's

Ivy Clarke, Staff Reporter

October 26, 2019

Katina Bitsicas is the current visiting artist at Plunkett Gallery. Bitsicas’ exhibit, entitled “Revive,” explores themes centered around coming back to life even with death edging close. She uses the motif of red thread, commonly associated with human connection, to symbolize loss and longing.

Review: Christie DeNizio creates abstract beauty in a world of chaos 

Paintings by exhibiting McEachern artist Christie DeNizio.

Natalie Yaeger, Lead News Writer

October 14, 2019

With the use of inspiration from famous works, drawings, postcards, tarot cards and other print materials, the details in DeNizio’s art are amazing. 

Mercer Artist: Visual artist Avery Lario is finding balance between science and art 

Avery Lario poses in front of the Fine Arts building.

Jules Tollett, Lead Arts & Entertainment Writer

September 10, 2019

While some people think that there is really no way for a person to be involved in both art and science, Lario has found that her science classes have helped her art. 

Mercer Artist: Vanae Hatcher

Photo courtesy of Vanae Hatcher

Nadia Pressley, Arts & Entertainment Editor

August 13, 2019

When she came to Mercer her freshman year, junior Vanae Hatcher had a goal -- she wanted to get a degree that would allow her to get a job helping people. She discovered art psychotherapy, the use of creativity to help people express themselves and their emotions through art.

Mercer Artist: Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown, senior psychology major, said he didn't start painting until a year ago.

Jayla Moody, Contributing Writer

March 30, 2016

Caleb Brown, a senior psychology major and art minor from Fayetteville, Georgia, came to Mercer University to study physical therapy and to play football. “I just decided to pursue art full time in January, and now in March I’ve already reached over half of my goals,” Brown said. Brown has bee...

5 things to start your day: Hoverboard ban, Cruz Plaza’s over 100-year-old tree chopped down, Winter Storm Jonas and more

5 things to start your day: Hoverboard ban, Cruz Plaza's over 100-year-old tree chopped down, Winter Storm Jonas and more

Marin Guta, Digital Editor

January 25, 2016

On top of old oaky You've may of noticed that Cruz Plaza is a little less shady, or the fact that there's a mound of dirt near the bear statue. Well, Mercer's ground maintenance team cut down an over 100-year-old Swan Chestnut Oak tree as a safety precaution because the tree was rotting, according to the...

New Art Installments come to Tattnall Square Park

“Dance of the Jellyfish” by Jenny K. Hager-Vickery stands in Tattnall Square Park alongside other public art.

Taylor Drake, Contributing Writer

December 3, 2015

Public art is adding a new dimension to Tattnall Square Park’s natural beauty. Mercer University’s faculty and students have installed a new collection of art pieces throughout Tattnall and officially unveiled the entire showcase Saturday, Nov.14. “The shows are switched out every five months ...

Artistic innovators show off art and gadgets at Make-End Festival

A festival-goer participates in the

Summer Perritt and Katie Atkinson

November 19, 2015

The Make-End Festival  celebrates "makers" or people who create original art, craft or technology-based works at Make-End Festival at Tattnall Square Park.

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