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As Disney's latest box-office-triumph,

‘Zootopia’ provides insightful, but subtle, social commentary

Parker Van Riper, Opinions Editor March 30, 2016

Disney’s “Zootopia” beat out box-office hit “Frozen” with a $73.7 million in their U.S. opening weekend. The evil has been defeated. Maybe now, people will finally let it go. But if you need...

His outfit is a reference to Fear and Loathing. Get it?

‘Rango’ is a smart, enjoyable ride

Brittani Howell April 13, 2011

3/5 Bear Claws I know what you’re thinking: “A movie about lizard cowboys? Are you serious?” Yes, actually, I am. And believe me, I was a little dubious too, but I found Rango a fun and clever...

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