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Jenna Eason
Jenna is from a small town in south Georgia. She is a journalism major with an anthropology and photography minor.

Jenna Eason, Managing Editor

Mar 27, 2019
‘Justice for Jibri:’ Two sentenced in 2016 killing of Mercer student-athlete (Media)
Mar 31, 2018
Mail services for students moving soon to the UC (Media)
Mar 31, 2018
Bearstock 2018: What you need to know (Media)
Mar 11, 2018
Plunkett Gallery hosts new exhibit ‘Emerging Forms’ (Story)
Mar 02, 2018
Hundreds of people are flowing through The Old Book Sale this year (Story/Media)
Feb 07, 2018
SGA President tells senators not to ‘showboat’ for votes about Founders’ Day (Story)
Feb 06, 2018
Tennis player Sam Philp doesn’t plan on slowing down now that he’s a nationally ranked player (Media)
Dec 21, 2017
This Mercer men’s tennis player plans to win the Southern Conference (Story/Media)
Nov 08, 2017
Family-owned boutique brings custom and quality items to downtown (Media)
Nov 05, 2017
How this Mercer soccer player overcomes diabetes (Story/Media)
Oct 27, 2017
The Ruling: We’ll talk about one play (Media)
Oct 26, 2017
Wifi upgrades and more seating coming soon to Tarver Library (Media)
Oct 20, 2017
The Ruling: Cinderella no more (Media)
Sep 26, 2017
Mercer student proposes to Drum Major girlfriend at halftime (Media)
Sep 13, 2017
Growing Pains (Story/Media)
Sep 13, 2017
The Ruling: Why does this keep happening? (Media)
Sep 01, 2017
Strawberry looks to win in his last year on the Mercer men’s basketball team (Story/Media)
Aug 29, 2017
SGA wraps up a summer of preparations (Media)
Aug 29, 2017
Can’t stand your roommate? Here’s what you should do. (Story)
Aug 22, 2017
How to make a major change by changing your major (Story/Media)
Aug 21, 2017
Five ways to get reacclimated to Mercer (Story/Media)
Aug 18, 2017
Four years was not enough for this Mercer soccer player (Story/Media)
Mar 29, 2017
2017 SGA Presidential Election results in a runoff between Buckner/Onuh and Byrd/Smith (Media)
Feb 22, 2017
Top-rated recruiting class spells strong future for Mercer Football (Media)
Feb 22, 2017
Golf came naturally for Mercer’s Kiko Rosete (Media)
Feb 20, 2017
Desmond Ringer takes on leadership role with new teammates (Media)
Nov 20, 2016
America votes, Mercer students react (Media)
Nov 17, 2016
Mercer cheerleader looks to leave a legacy (Media)
Nov 15, 2016
The Ocmulgee Brewpub set to open downtown (Media)
Nov 10, 2016
Mercer softball leaves no opportunity wasted (Media)
Nov 07, 2016
Photo Gallery: Bears face off against the Bucs (Story/Media)
Nov 03, 2016
Bears return to the den for homecoming weekend (Media)
Oct 14, 2016
‘Intimacies of Telephony’ on display in Plunkett Gallery (Story/Media)
Sep 20, 2016
SGA approves all 45 organizations for Bear Grants (Media)
Sep 15, 2016
A simple guide to the game of football (Media)
Sep 10, 2016
Bears drop to 0-2 on the season with loss to Georgia Tech (Media)
Sep 06, 2016
Macon-raised Tyler Ward set for final season (Media)
Sep 06, 2016
Grace Korta talks passion for tennis, new season (Media)
Sep 04, 2016
Mercer Faculty Brass Quintet to perform in Faculty Artist Recital (Story)
Sep 01, 2016
Bax Trax: 3 keys to Mercer’s season opener (Media)
Aug 22, 2016
New semester brings changes to campus dining options (Media)
Aug 18, 2016
The woman who stayed through it all (Story/Media)
Apr 28, 2016
Athletes keep it cool in the off-season (Media)
Apr 14, 2016
Pedestrian bridge installed, construction continues (Media)
Apr 14, 2016
Mercer Says Farewell to Lacrosse Goalkeeper Mike Nugent (Media)
Apr 14, 2016
Mercer Coach: Samantha Eustace (Media)
Apr 14, 2016
Swinging away at the books (Media)
Apr 14, 2016
BEAR day brings out the best and the brightest (Story)
Apr 14, 2016
5/4 Music Space to empower Macon Musicians (Media)
Apr 10, 2016
Newcomers faced rough odds in SGA General Election (Media)
Mar 31, 2016
Throwback Thursday: How Mercer students registered before computers (Story)
Mar 30, 2016
Running toward her future (Media)
Mar 29, 2016
McKay and Scherf win SGA Presidential Election (Media)
Mar 17, 2016
Throwback Thursday: Unpublished Mercer History (Story)
Feb 24, 2016
Mercer Artist: Mattias Palm (Story/Media)
Feb 24, 2016
#TBT: Mercer places students in hotels during 2001 housing shortage (Story)
Feb 02, 2016
Mercer basketball’s Jibri Bryan shot and killed Tuesday afternoon (Media)
Jan 27, 2016
South Macon is more than what meets the eye (Story)
Nov 11, 2015
Throwback Thursday: In a time of war (Story)
Oct 29, 2015
Mercer fellas play for Jimmy Carter at Maranatha (Media)
Oct 15, 2015
Player Spotlight: Katelyn Dimopoulos (Media)
Oct 15, 2015
Throwback Thursday: Mercer named one of the top 10 party schools (Story)
Oct 15, 2015
Mercer’s newest overshadowed gem: Stephen Houzah (Media)
Oct 05, 2015
Bear Grants Senate Updates (Media)
Sep 24, 2015
Mercer tries to increase voter participation (Story)
Sep 13, 2015
Bears win in dominating fashion (Media)
Aug 27, 2015
MerServe makes a big splash on Cruz Plaza for Water Wars (Story)
Aug 27, 2015
MerServe gives students a way to step up and serve their community (Story)
Aug 27, 2015
ESPN3 expands to include new studio and program for fall (Story)
Aug 27, 2015
Bike Macon hopes to unite cyclists (Media)
Aug 18, 2015
Bear Fair 2015 (Media)
Aug 13, 2015
New bear comes to the den (Media)
Nov 20, 2014
Get involved in Macon with Service Saturdays (Story)
Nov 13, 2014
Kicking off Homecoming with the Dedication of the Rain Garden (Story)
Nov 13, 2014
$40 Million to $50 Million Housing Project for Mercer Students (Story)
Oct 11, 2014
Interesting Great Books Lecture Astounds Students (Story)
Oct 02, 2014
Internationally renowned performer visits Mercer's Townsend School of Music (Story)
Sep 27, 2014
Ocmulgee Indian Celebration educates and entertain (Story)
Sep 13, 2014
New Chapter for Mercer Maniacs (Story)
Sep 10, 2014
The Revivalists Celebrate at SoCon Fest (Story)
Aug 29, 2014
Mercer Bears beat Reinhardt Eagles 45-42 (Story)
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