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A simple guide to the game of football

Mercer's Avery Ward (84), left, and John Russ (7) celebrate after the first touchdown in their game against The Citadel.

Langston Hughes, Contributing Writer

September 15, 2016

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house to watch football or worse, gone to an actual football game, and pretended to be excited, but you really didn't know what was going on in the game? Have you ever wanted to host a tailgate and not known what to do? Here are some things you need to know to...

Pokémon GO gets people outside and engaged

Andrew Buff -- a computer engineering student frequently referred to only as Buff -- played Pokemon GO at Mercer over the summer. He’s on level 20.

Sarah Pounds, Online Editor

September 6, 2016

When Pokémon GO came out this July, Andrew Buff was quick to jump on the wagon. He’s a computer engineering student at Mercer that was staying close to campus over the summer. Buff said that one night, on the way back from dinner, he came across a large group of people gathered in a strange spot...

Bear Bites: Kudzu Seafood Company

The fried crawfish boudin was light and fluffy. It was the best part of the meal.

Justin Baxley, Sports Editor

September 1, 2016

While Macon may be landlocked, you can still find good seafood downtown in the form of southern coastal inspired Kudzu Seafood Company. The restaurant opened in January of 2015 and has become a lunch spot for those searching for a quick bite of fresh seafood.   The Good: Fried Crawfi...

Easy residence hall recipes for the busy college student

This Mediterranean-Creole chicken will make your friends think you know what you're doing. Check out the recipe below!

Carson McGorry, Copy Editor

August 30, 2016

If you’re sick of the caf every day like the rest of us, take matters into your own hands right from your dorm. Some of these easy recipes need a kitchen, others just a microwave — and maybe some dorm room improvising. Just try not to set off the fire alarm (again).

Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Dorm DIY: 5 ways to make those four walls feel like home

Katie Atkinson, News Editor

August 29, 2016

The school year is in full swing again, and many students are already wondering how to outfit their dorms to match some of the comforts of home. Here are a few craft ideas for students who want to give their dorm decorations a personal touch.

Bear Bites: Grow

Grow offers generous portion sizes and tasty food. Photo by Katie Atkinson.

Katie Atkinson, News Editor

August 28, 2016

  Nestled on Riverside Drive is a culinary jewel that doesn’t disappoint. Locally sourced and served, the cuisine at Grow is a cut above. The restaurant has one simple tagline: “fresh local food,” and the owners intend to live up to that. A quick chat with owner Saralyn Harvey told ...

Tips to stay sane this school year

School is back.

Jayla Moody, Contributing Writer

August 27, 2016

  It’s the start of a new semester, and everyone seems to be giving out advice to incoming college students. But after a summer of interning, traveling, working or just relaxing, the transition for returning students can be just as tough. Just like that, we’re back to caf-eating, summer nights become...

20 great food stops in Macon

Two tacos make for a full meal at El Camino. Photo by Justin Baxley.

Nicholas Wooten, Editor-in-Chief

August 20, 2016

The best way to learn about a city is to sample its food. Cooking is like any other artform; the end product is just one you consume with your mouth rather than with your hands, your eyes or your ears. The methods of preparation and presentation are creative expressions influenced by time and place...

Fun away from home: How international students can spend their summer abroad

Mercer’s International Students Department plans trips for international students who stay in Macon during the summer.

Shayna Waltower, Contributing Writer

June 6, 2016

Picking strawberries, spending hours on a lake, attending a concert series and touring the World of Coke in Atlanta. These are all activities that international students can take part in if they are staying in Macon this summer, thanks to Mercer’s International Students Department. While most...

Get out and have some fun in Macon this summer

Students lounge around The Plunkett pool before finals week begins.

Katie Atkinson, Staff Writer

April 28, 2016

    Within the next few days, many of you will say goodbye to your Mercer friends for the summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to having fun. If you’re staying in Macon for the break, here are a few activities to check out: May 11 Corks & Canvas If you love wine a...

Bear Bites: El Camino

The Bandito and a simple taco make for a full meal at El Camino

Nick Wooten, Managing Editor

April 28, 2016

El Camino, touted as Macon’s first and only authentic taqueria and cantina, is a delightful deviation from the Moonhanger Group’s other popular establishments. The lively, tavern-esque Rookery; the farm-to-table fine-dining Dovetail; and the historic H&H have found their formidable fourth....

Bear Bites: Roasted Cafe and Lounge

Roasted does Pastrami as well as anyone. At $8.99 it is a reasonable price for a top notch sandwich.

Nick Wooten, Managing Editor

April 13, 2016

You’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant like Roasted anywhere. The cafe, lounge and venue space serves up fresh beats, sandwiches and now, a dinner menu highlighted by Mediterranean dishes that allow Roasted to flex a variety of muscles. We wanted to do this a little differently. So,...

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