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Poetry books can also be purchased through Mercer University Press.

Celebrating National Poetry Month with virtual readings

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor April 20, 2021

National Poetry Month was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Each year, the month seeks to encourage the reading, writing, education and support of poetry. People of any skill level...

From “UnEarthed” by Amy McCullough.

Review: Amy McCullough unearths the connections between clay-making and life in new Plunkett Gallery exhibit

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor April 14, 2021
Amy McCullough has been an artist for over two decades, specializing in large-scale ceramic sculpture. She sculpted the magnolia pod finials that crown the brick columns at the entrance of Tattnall Square Park. She has also instructed Mercer students in her craft and owns Macon Clay downtown, where she hosts classes and workshops as well as has her own studio. 
The most recent exhibit, TAUT, at the McEachern Art Center.

The roadmap to Macon art gallery hopping

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor March 25, 2021

Macon is known for nourishing several musical legends, including the Allman Brothers Band, Little Richard and James Brown. However, the visual arts are also blooming in the city, and you can find locations...

Third-year artist Zianah Marshall.

Mercer Artist: Black beauty and power in Zianah Marshall’s artwork

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor March 12, 2021

Third-year student Zianah Marshall got her start in visual art this past summer, when she found a blank poster board at a George Floyd protest she was attending and began to draw. Since then, Marshall’s...

Third-year student Amanda Herrold in her studio.

How art students are utilizing the studio spaces at the McEachern Art Center

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor March 10, 2021
The current MAC studios are sectioned off with floor-to-ceiling length mobile wooden dividers. To accommodate the larger number of graphic design and fine arts students in the current junior and senior classes, Dunn arranged the dividers into triangles to make the most use of the floor space. Art students are permitted and encouraged to tack, paint and decorate the walls within their personal studios as they see fit.
Jericho Brown's

What Amanda Gorman and Jericho Brown show us about funding the humanities 

Ashley Pemberton, Lead Arts & Culture Writer March 5, 2021

In a nation divided, the humanities may be the saving grace of the human spirit. Two artistic visionaries offer a light at the end of the tunnel. Poets Amanda Gorman and Jericho Brown give insightful...

Museum of Arts and Sciences revisits the dreamlike pieces of its ‘Emerging Voices’ series

Ashley Pemberton, Lead Arts & Culture Writer March 4, 2021
The Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon is showcasing some of the past works of the “Emerging Voices” art series. The series focuses on amplifying the voices of many artists and accentuating the effort put into their work. 
Jude Anogwih's art was on display at the McEachern Art Center in Macon, Ga. Jan. 23.

McEachern holds thesis exhibits for MFA graduates 

Ashley Pemberton, Lead Arts & Culture Writer February 19, 2021
Mercer University’s McEachern Art Center has offered its space to a choice group of MFA graduates to exhibit their theses and tell their stories. Each exhibit offers a glimpse into the artists’ worlds, and each piece has a unique story to share.
Handwritten love letters are a sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers, friends, family — or yourself

Ivy Marie Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor February 8, 2021
Whether you’re celebrating Feb. 14 with lovers, friends, family or yourself, here are some homemade gift ideas.
‘What Lives On’: The power of art amidst the pandemic

‘What Lives On’: The power of art amidst the pandemic

Natalie Yaeger, Lead Lifestyle & Opinion Writer February 3, 2021
Art has the capability to speak when words aren’t enough. No one shows the truth of this statement greater than Tennille Davis Shuster, associate professor of graphic design at Mercer University
Photo provided by Ashley Conlon

Capturing moments amidst COVID-19: How photographers are working during a pandemic

Savannah Smith, Contributing Writer October 8, 2020
Like countless other things, photography has had to adapt to a COVID-19 world. In adapting their craft, photographers around Mercer demonstrated creativity and growth.
Artist and former Mercer University student, Gwendolyn Payton, presented her art exhibit “The Faith of the Dreamer” at the Plunkett Art Gallery Sept. 25.

Mercer alumna’s dreams come true as she receives art degree withheld for 50 years

Ashley Pemberton, Contributing Writer October 7, 2020
Payton set out to achieve her art degree at Mercer University nearly 50 years ago. She completed all of her courses; however, the university did not allow her to exhibit her senior art show because of the racial tension present in the art department at the time.  Now, almost half a century later, Payton’s work is on display at the Plunkett Art gallery in Hardeman Hall for all to see.
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