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The Heartdrive: How Fortnite can save us this fall

The Heartdrive: How Fortnite can save us this fall

Blossom Onunekwu November 17, 2018

Ah, Fortnite. Who doesn’t know about the free, addictive, hair-pulling online multiplayer game? The immersive shooting game might seem very childish and uninformative at face value, but it does teach...

The Heartdrive: Dealing with Depression on Campus

Blossom Onunekwu November 11, 2018

Content warning: The following article contains sensitive content involving suicide, depression and mental illness. Your parents probably warned you about the frat parties in college. They probably...

The Heartdrive: Safer Sex 101

Blossom Onunekwu October 8, 2018

According to an article from the AJC, out of the most sexually diseased states, Georgia weighs in at No. 4. You can choose to stay abstinent to eliminate your risk of infection and pregnancy. But...

Graphic designed by Blossom Onunekwu.

Heartdrive: Do Sheet Masks Really Work?

Blossom Onunekwu, Staff Writer September 22, 2018

If you know anything about the internet and skincare, you might have caught wind of the sheet mask fad. You’ve probably stumbled upon the #selfcaresunday hashtag with men and women looking like mummies...

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