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PBS airs ‘A Grand Mercer Christmas’

Erica ONeal January 22, 2014

Sitting in the Grand Opera House, I was amazed by the music created by my fellow Mercerians. “A Grand Mercer Christmas” was pre-recorded in 2012 to be aired nationwide on PBS in December 2013 through...

Rapper Speech performs in Macon

Erica ONeal November 9, 2013

“I do think that it’s important for people to remember just how culturally rich Macon has been in the past in music and it’ll be interesting to see, now that events like this are happening, where...

The Music Ambassadors: Macon

Erica ONeal October 15, 2013

The Music Ambassadors: Macon program began on Monday, Oct. 14 with a show in Mercer Village from the band Bombadil. The program invites musicians to Macon to perform a lunchtime show in Mercer Village...

Bruno Mars rocks Atlanta

Erica ONeal August 28, 2013

Palm-tree patterned curtains hid the stage while the enormous crowd in Philips Arena waited for Bruno Mars to appear. For those of you who missed it, Mars’ sold out concert was phenomenal. The concert...

Teddy bears, flaming pants: celebrities going crazy

Erica ONeal August 28, 2013

Celebrities. Where to start? It seems that within the last year or so, they’ve gotten a little more “cray cray” than usual. Paula Deen. Oh, sweet Paula Deen. Or should I say “oh, deep-fried...

"Taste and See" the new coffee shop in Downtown Macon

"Taste and See" the new coffee shop in Downtown Macon

Erica ONeal August 28, 2013

The grand opening of Taste and See Coffee Shop and Gallery on Friday, Aug. 16 brought a steady crowd. The new coffee shop, which features photography by one of the owners of Taste and See, is located...

Moye football complex is ready for the first game

Erica ONeal August 28, 2013

The new stadium for football is absolutely amazing. I went exploring there the other day, and was awestruck by the immensity of the stadium. Seeing the finished product is awesome because I watched it...

Best study spaces on campus

Erica ONeal August 14, 2013

Welcome to Mercer freshmeat! I mean...freshmen! You’ve made a successful leap from high school bores to college adventures! Now while you’re making new friends, and settling into your new dorm, it’s...

The Dulcimer unveils new look at annual release party

Erica ONeal April 25, 2013

The long-awaited literary and arts magazine from the Dulcimer was released last Thursday, April 11. The Dulcimer hosted an annual release party to celebrate and bring together art and literature lovers. The...

Getting a job for life… or maybe just the summer

Erica ONeal March 6, 2013

The time to get a job is here and there are certain ways to go about successfully attaining those jobs. No matter how far away you are from getting your degree, you need to start thinking about getting...

Coaching Spotlight: James DeFeo

Erica ONeal February 20, 2013

Experienced head softball coach, James DeFeo has started the new softball season with big plans in mind for the team. DeFeo has been coaching for over 20 years and this is his second year as a head coach...

Restaurant Review: Ginger Stir-Fry & Grill

Erica ONeal February 20, 2013

The Mongolian-style restaurant Ginger Stir-Fry & Grill on Second Street had its grand opening last Monday, Feb. 11. Cesare Mammarella, who owns downtown restaurants like Bearfoot Tavern and the Tic Toc...

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