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What it means to be a ‘voluntarist’

Christopher Shatto

April 25, 2013

I believe that to choose life is a sacred decision, imparting moral, normative force on the entirety of one’s interactions with the world. I believe that once such a choice is made through voluntary or instinctual means, every rational being has absolute and inalienable ownership over their body. I...

Bad democracy: the mob in the marketplace

Christopher Shatto

March 27, 2013

The word ochlocracy comes from the Greek words okhlos (mob) and kratos (rule). Ochlocracy is generally defined as “the bad version of democracy.” Democracy is considered good because its rulers supposedly act wisely on behalf of the long-term interests of the community, whereas ochlocracy is associated...

Sports team loyalties parallel racism

Christopher Shatto

February 6, 2013

Have you cheered for your local sports team for all of your life, no matter what? Well, I hold the undoubtedly controversial and unpopular opinion that blindly supporting your local team is equivalent to being a racist. I am serious. It is entirely acceptable to support a particular team for the right...

Football analogy adds perspective to controversial abortion debates

Christopher Shatto

November 28, 2012

Whenever I come across the issue of abortion, I feel ambivalence. I feel that both sides are, somehow, correct. I need to figure out why I feel this way, and whether I should feel this way. I believe that there are four levels of abortion worth individual consideration: 1. cases of dangerous pregnancy...

What is crime? Clarifying misconceptions of crime from a Libertarian perspective

Christopher Shatto

November 7, 2012

I want to discuss what a crime is because non-libertarians do not seem to understand what constitutes as a crime. The definition of crime according to Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia is, essentially, “an act that violates the law.” I believe that accepting such a definition entails surrendering oneself...

The meaning of justice

Christopher Shatto

October 24, 2012

Every day, the idea that there is a universally recognized concept of ‘justice’ (like a Platonic form) becomes more and more laughable. My theory that ‘justice’ is no more than the feeling of defeating a hated person/group looks to be correct; it is a democratic term used by the majority to feel...

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