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Fiber arts project aids newborns

The Fiber Arts and Culture class turned a class project into a worldwide philanthropic endeavor this semester. The knit hats are being sent to countries like India, China and Brazil.

Cameron Kunzelman

April 13, 2011

The Fiber Arts and Culture class at Mercer is doing a lot of good over in Groover Hall. What began as a 200-level elective course has blossomed into an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week committed to serving and helping people in both the local and the global community. The class began with teaching thirty or so people how to knit. Alon...

‘Black Swan’ is a masterpiece

Black Swan is currently up for several Academy Awards.

Cameron Kunzelman

February 9, 2011

5/5 Bear Claws “Black Swan” is a slow roll into the deranged mind of a twentysomething ballet perfectionist with a little bit of hypersexuality thrown into the mix. That description is basically the best one that I can bestow on a film, and “Black Swan” hits all of my buttons in really specific ways. On the surface the film is about a young woman, Nina, wh...

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