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Join The Cluster's 2014-2015 editorial staff

Want to work for an award-winning student newspaper and have your writing, photography and graphic design published in print and on the Web to a global audience? Want to get paid to do it?

If so, The Cluster is now accepting applications for its 2014-2015 editorial team. Previous journalism experience is a plus, but work in the field is by no means a requirement. Students from all majors and academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. A training workshop will take place before the end of the semester to teach you the ins-and-outs of the job, and you will be paid a bi-weekly salary for your work.

Click here to fill out an online application. The deadline for all applications to be received is Friday, April 18. Late applications will be considered only if space remains available.

A description of each of the available positions is listed below:

  • News Editor: This position is the heart of what The Cluster is all about: Reporting the news in a timely, factual and accurate manner. The News Editor is responsible for assigning and writing news stories for both the print and online editions of the paper, as well as managing a team of reporters. Knowledge of basic news writing and AP style is preferred.
  • Assistant News Editor: The Assistant News editor will be responsible for helping the News Editor find story ideas, edit stories and manage writers. This person also helps the News Editor place stories and photos for the print version of The Cluster. Knowledge of basic news writing and AP style is preferred.
  • Online Editor: The Online Editor is responsible for managing and assisting in formatting and editing breaking news stories along with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. The Online Editor is also responsible for updating The Cluster’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. A basic grasp of HTML, Photoshop and social networking is preferred, but anyone with an interest in computers and strong news writing skills is encouraged to apply.
  • Opinions Editor: The Opinions Editor is the official editorial voice of The Cluster, and is responsible for writing a bi-weekly editorial on current issues and events, and soliciting content for the opinions section of the paper. A willingness to take a stance on controversial issues is a plus for this position.
  • Arts & Lifestyle Editor: The Arts & Lifestyle Editor oversees the production of unique, thought-provoking content and lifestyle, arts and entertainment columns for the paper. This is an ideal position for someone who writes extremely well, but does not enjoy hard news reporting.
  • Assistant Arts & Lifestyle Editor: The Assistant Arts & Lifestyle editor is responsible for helping the A&L Editor find interesting and thought-provoking features, as well as editing those features and managing writers. The Assistant A&L Editor will also help the A&L Editor layout pages for the print edition in an interesting and eye-catching way. In addition, the Assistant A&L Editor will help the Sports Editor if the need arises.
  • Advertising Manager: The Advertising Manager is responsible for working with local businesses to sell advertising space in The Cluster’s print and online edition. An outgoing personality and willingness to talk to local business owners is preferred. The Advertising Manager is paid solely on commission, so someone who is willing to devote a lot of time talking to potential advertisers is ideal. Anyone interested in marketing or business is encouraged to apply.
  • Business Manager: The Business Manager is responsible for The Cluster’s budget, and for making sure writers and editors get paid. The Business Manager needs to be very organized, and should feel comfortable working with payroll.
  • Copy Editor (two positions available): The two Copy Editors will have two different jobs: One will read every single word in The Cluster before it goes to print and correct any and all AP Style errors. Thorough knowledge of AP Style is a must for this position. The second Copy Editor will read every story to be published in The Cluster and correct any and all  for grammar, content and/or style errors. Thorough knowledge of grammar and style is a must.
  • Design Editor The Design Editor is responsible for designing any graphics for stories for The Cluster when there are not photos readily available for a story. This editor is also responsible for designing advertisements. The Design Editor will also be responsible for working with section editors during layout to make sure the paper has a consistent, yet eye-catching layout throughout. Basic knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop is preferred. 
  • Photography Editor: We are not currently hiring a new photography editor.
  • Sports Editor: The Sports Editor is in charge of the sports section of the paper, and should ideally be an informed fan of the Mercer Bears. The Sports Editor is responsible for assigning interesting sports news or feature ideas to writers. Knowledge of editing AP Style is preferred.

We’re looking forward to reviewing your applications. If you have any questions about the hiring process, don’t hesitate to email [email protected]


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