Senior Spotlight: David Randall


Left-handed pitcher for Mercer’s baseball team, David Randall hopes to work for the financial management company, Merrill Lynch after completing his last season playing for the Bears.
Randall achieved a BA in marketing and business management last fall. He began working on his MBA at Mercer in January.
The pitcher was red shirted during his junior year in 2011 due to an injury. Since Randall has an extra year of eligibility to play college baseball, he started working on his Master’s degree.
Division I student athletes must complete at least six credits hours each semester to remain eligible to participate on a sports team, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
The pitcher completed his BA in four and a half years. During his last semester he took 6 credit hours. “It was a good change of pace,” said Randall.
Randall does not plan to continue playing baseball after this year. “I’ve had a few pro teams contact me in the past,” said Randall. “It’s tough to make it and not a glorious life style.”
Most baseball players are drafted into the minor leagues before they have a chance of becoming pro athletes. “Some guys don’t even make it out of that first stage of rooky ball,” said Randall.
While looking for a job in the financial world, three companies have contacted Randall to set up interviews. His first interview is Friday with Merrill Lynch.
At this point, Randall has not replied to the other two interested companies. “I’m putting all my eggs in one basket because I really want this job,” he said.
Randall said Merrill Lynch is one of the top financing companies in the world. The company’s main offices are located in Buckhead near his two older brothers. He can see himself working for Merrill Lynch five years from now.
Randall also plans to get married and start a family when he reaches his late twenties.
Randall is applying for an advisory position with the company. “I’d basically do advising for certain companies employees and handle their 401k’s,” said Randall.
Merrill Lynch has a competitive reputation. “Baseball is competitive for me, and I’m going to miss competing everyday,” said Randall. “Working for Merrill Lynch would be an easy transition for me to the real world.”
If Randall continues his MBA program he will finish next summer. However, Randall will start working for Merrill Lynch this summer if the company offers him a position.
When Randall is not going to school or playing baseball he enjoys watching movies. “Me and my brothers watch movies when we have some down time,” said Randall.
Through Randall’s experiences playing college baseball he has learned skills that will help him in the professional world. “You have to learn how to overcome your obstacles, persevere, and work harder the next week for your next opportunity to play,” said Randall.