Life After Mecer Athletics: Annie Brackett

Former cross country runner Annie Brackett ran for Coach Ryan Bailey during her undergrad at Mercer University.
Brackett did not begin running cross country until her sophomore year at Mercer. She ran leisurely in high school, but did not become serious until she entered college.
When she came to college, she wanted to stay in shape and would run up and down College Street four times a day.
Eventually Coach Bailey and the cross country girls convinced her to put her talents to good use and compete for the team.
“I was apprehensive at first because I had never run competitively, but Coach Bailey convinced me that I would be a good addition so I gave it a try. It was a great decision and I have so many wonderful memories,” Brackett said.
While competing, Brackett found it easier to juggle athletics and academics. During her freshman year of college, Brackett found that it was harder to focus on school work because she had so much free time. Running created a daily routine that she had to follow in order to achieve excellent grades.
She competed under Coach Bailey from 2002-2004. Brackett left Mercer’s Macon campus in 2004 and continued at Mercer’s Pharmacy school in Atlanta.
During her first year in Atlanta, Brackett continued to train and compete for the cross country team.
“It was a little hectic because Coach Bailey would have to schedule in pit stops to Atlanta to come and pick me up. But I still enjoyed running even though I was away from the team,” Brackett said.
Since graduating Mercer in 2007, Brackett has still kept in contact with Coach Bailey as well as her teammates.
She even married one of her former teammates, Dan Brackett. They currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga. where Brackett works part time as a pharmacist and raises her three children.
Her younger sister Allison Booth recently began running for the women’s track and field team in January as a javelin thrower.
“I am very excited for Allison because I know that she will enjoy being part of a team and creating new memories,” Brackett said.
Brackett still runs when time permits. She just gave birth to her youngest child and wants to get back into shape sooner rather than later.
She is training for a 5K in late June and hopes to run under 25 minutes.
“It’s a little difficult getting back into shape, but it will all be worth it in the end. The first step is to get through the 5K,” Brackett said.
Brackett misses her teammates and coach but does not regret the decision to join the team. She made lifelong friends and gained a sense of discipline that has carried her into her adulthood.