Senior Spotlight: PA Upson

Patricia-Anne Upson, more commonly referred to as PA, is Mercer senior and player for Mercer’s women’s soccer team. Having participated in many different activities during her time here at Mercer, Upson is a well-rounded student athlete who loves her sport and her teammates. With plans to go on to law school, Upson epitomizes the hard-working student athletes that Mercer strives to maintain. She works hard both on and off the field. With a passion for soccer, it is no surprise that Mercer framed PA Upson’s jersey (#21).

Cluster: Where are you from?
Upson: Griffin, Ga.
C: How long have you been playing soccer, and what role has it played in your life?
U: I have been playing soccer since I was three, so 18 years. Soccer has been my life, it’s guided most of the major decisions, and it’s helped me make some of the best friends I will ever have.
C: Why did you choose Mercer?
U: I chose Mercer because it is a great program on the rise and it was a competitive environment that I could thrive in. And I could get a great education too.
C: What is your biggest soccer-related achievement?
U: My biggest soccer-related achievement has to be from this year when I was voted MVP by my teammates. Any achievement that is given by your peers means so much more than one voted on by coaches or one that is state related.
C: What is your most memorable soccer moment at Mercer?
U: My most memorable moment was my sophomore year when we won the A-Sun Tournament 1-0 vs Jacksonville to advance to the NCAA Tournament.
C: Try to describe yourself as a player.
U: I am what they call a blue-collar player, I don’t have a ton of skill but I make up for it by always working hard and having a tremendous will to win.
C: What is the best thing about being on the team, and what is worst thing about being on the team?
U: The best think about being a team is being able to be with your best friends everyday and know they are going through everything right there with you. There is no worst thing about being on this team!
C: What other things are you involved in here at Mercer?
U: I am on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for women’s soccer and a member of the Mercer College Republicans.
C: How has soccer prepared you for the real world?
U: Soccer has taught me so many things that I will have for the rest of my life. It has taught me to be competitive in everything. I learned skills like how to manage my time, how to work with others, and how to be a leader.
C: Speaking of the real world, what are your plans for after you graduate?
U: I am going to law school to study corporate law.