Career Services welcomes Spring Career Fair to help students find jobs, internships and co-ops

On Feb. 20, Mercer University hosted their Spring Career Fair, the last career fair of the academic year, from 9:30 am to 2 pm in Heritage Hall of the University Center.
The Assistant Director of Career Services and career counselor for Stetson School of Business, Mrs. Melinda Robinson-Moffett, says that the Spring Career Fair is one of the major events of the academic year.
Mrs. Robinson-Moffett says that “there is a team effort in the office. It includes retaining relationships with employers and making new contacts. [With the Spring Career Fair,] we get to come outside of the office and take it directly to the students. We are available to help students every step of the way, not just at the end. All classifications can come to the office to get help.”
Some of the businesses, companies, and schools that were represented at the event included, but were not limited to: CNN, College Hill Alliance, Department of Treasury, GEICO, Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, Mercer University’s Stetson School of Business, Sam’s Club, U.S. Army Medical Department, Walden University, and Wells Fargo.
There were about sixty employers present represented by one or two recruiters. That means that about 120 representatives came to Mercer to offer their opportunities to our students.
Businesses and companies were offering positions that varied from “co-ops,” to internships, to fellowships, to full- and part-time jobs. Universities came to advertise some of the graduate programs that their schools had to offer.
The recruiters were very enthusiastic to interact with students and Mercer’s staff. They answered questions and went into detail about their opportunities and programs.
Mrs. Robinson-Moffett notes that “this is not just a single day. There is preparation before and after these kinds of events. [Available are] tips on potential questions to ask and how to write a thank you letter.” She goes on to say, “the Spring Career Fair went smoothly especially with help from Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), the business fraternity. Students sat at the sign-in table and helped organize the event.
There were helpers the day of the event and the day before. It was a real collaboration. Bear Force also helps with these events, especially when there are issues with the weather. They along with DSP use umbrellas to help employers get supplies in the building. It wouldn’t be as much of a success without them. Employers and recruiters get to see Mercer students involved.”
The Career Fair catered to not only those who needed jobs but to those in search of graduate education. There were so many opportunities for students to take advantage of at the fair and Mercer made sure to cater many different options to almost every major and concentration. It was a great opportunity to network with individuals in different fields.
For more information about the Spring Career Fair, future career fairs, or careers, visit the Office of Career Services, located on the third floor of the Connell Student Center, or contact them at (478) 301-2863 or