Smart phone apps that could make your life easier

The invention of smart phones and the apps to go along with them seem to have made our lives easier. Apps organize our lives and remind us of important meetings. They help us get in shape and shop for the perfect new outfit. Whether fun, healthy or informative, three apps in particular are useful to college students.
WANELO (a combination of the words want, need and love) is very similar to Pinterest, except for the fact that you can purchase the items you find on the site. Their app is great for shopping on the go.
If you click on a product you like, the site instantly takes you to where you can purchase the item.
This handy app provides an endless stream of products that are posted by regular people. Users can follow stores, people and collections, and can save a product on their profile.
Sometimes it’s just fun to browse the website and find out the latest fashion trends or get a realistic idea about how much everything would cost.
However, there should be a warning label on this app if you have cash and some spare time because WANELO makes you want buy everything.
For anyone who wants to get fit for the beach this summer, you should seriously consider downloading the My Fitness Pal app. This app helps monitor eating and exercising patterns for users hoping to lose weight.
After plugging in your current weight, height and the amount of weight you want to lose each week, the app generates the total amount of calories you can eat each day.
Each day you can enter a food item into the food diary on the app. Creating a diary helps you become accountable to whatever food you are eating. The searchable food database on the app has over two million items, so users can even find out the calorie content of their favorite restaurant dishes.
After you enter food items into the food diary, the app subtracts this from the your daily calorie allotment. If you participate in any physical activity, you can enter that into the diary as well, and the app will recalculate the calorie allotment for that day.
The fitness app also offers a daily and weekly calorie break down, which helps you recognize the amount of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, protein and vitamins you are receiving daily.
It’s also helpful that the app has a report, which tracks your weekly progress. This helps motivate users to keep working to lose weight.
Lastly, the Flipboard app is perfect for news junkies or anyone who wants to have news information right at their fingertips.
This app allows you to converge news and social networking sites, so you essentially create your own personal magazine.
News articles are broken up into the following sub categories: News, Technology, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard picks, Design, Sports, Style and Travel.
The Content Guide on the app helps readers connect to social networks and other services such as Google Reader, SoundCloud and YouTube. The Content Guide also helps find the best sources curated from around the web.
Passing along content that you find interesting is very simple because the social tools are built into the app.
Try downloading these apps to see if they are useful to you. Don’t be shocked if your fingertips become glued to your screen because they are addictive.