Cow’s milk isn’t healthy, milk substitute healthier option

In order to know me, you must know that my father was a doctor.
That was what he spent his life doing.
Throughout his life, he was a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and finally a chelation therapist.
For years he operated his own practice, the Coastal Georgia Health Research Institute.
He would constantly try to teach my sister and I helpful little tidbits about what he was practicing, but the stuff that affected us most of all was the absence of milk and red meat.
During my younger years I would go to the cafeteria, with my neatly packed lunchbox, and attempt to repeat parts of the lectures I could remember to my friends and scold them for chugging down the last bit of their chocolate milk.
They all were quick to shrug off my claims that milk was actually bad.
The most common argument was ‘Well look at me! I’m strong and you’re not, must be the milk.’
It was not until I researched the topic in high school that I started to get some understandable facts about milk.
By combining my previous knowledge and the research, I found a wide variety of ailments that milk can cause and some of the things my Dad told me started to make sense.
The first thing to know is that milk is species-specific. Cows drink cow’s milk, goats drink goat’s milk, and humans drink human’s milk.
I have always wondered about the fascination of drinking milk.
You do not see a 13 year old cow going over to their mother and drinking up. Milk is for the young and young alone.
The biggest thing is that the concept that cow’s milk provides you with calcium is simply not true.
To understand this you have to know that the human body takes a lot of energy to digest cow’s milk; it is not supposed to after all.
In order to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk it has to use a lot of calcium up, which comes from your bones.
So rather than gaining calcium, you end up losing it.
Cow’s milk also has the chance to trigger diabetes.
When drinking cow milk, your body absorbs proteins from it, they enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body.
A possible reaction to these proteins is that the body’s immune system sees these proteins as invaders and proceeds to destroy them.
The fun part is when there is no more milk protein and the immune system begins attacking insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.
This is because cow’s milk protein is extremely similar to these other cells.
Once the cells in the pancreas are destroyed they can no longer provide the correct amount of insulin.
Another thing my dad constantly lectured on was the additives in cow’s milk.
Not only is plain cow’s milk bad for you, but the stuff they put in there makes it even worse.
Specifically it is the hormones. They are injected into cows to make them bigger, and produce milk faster and longer; all of these things end up in the milk.
These hormones affect the body in many different ways, not many of them pleasant.
They can affect growth and possibly even help feed hormone-dependent cancers.
Throughout my entire life I have tried to avoid milk.
I do not drink it and as an alternative use Silk or Almond milk.
This does not mean that I do not eat dairy at all, I still do, just not in excessive amounts.
Just like any food, small doses have a smaller chance of harming you.
Well if there is so much wrong with milk, why does everybody drink it?
Why do the dairy producers not tell us all of this?
Because of money; they do not care.
As long as there is still a demand for milk they will continue to stick cows full of hormones and ship the stuff out.
Mainstream medicine, the completely dominant form of medicine now, does not care what causes a problem or disease.
The only thing they care about is curing the symptoms so that you have to keep coming back again and again.
My dad taught me all of this and I stand behind it completely, not simply because he told me, but because I have done research and looked into these issues.
I hope that all of you will do