Saturday cat adoptions at local shelter


Macon Purrs N Paws Humane Society, a pet adoption organization off Rocky Creek Road, recently had a cat adoption on Saturday, Jan. 26 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The cats have three separate rooms to freely roam around in. In these rooms, most of the cats sleep or play together on pillows, small beds or jungle gym cat scratches.
Macon Purrs N Paws is a non-profit, cage-free rescue modeled after the Atlanta cat rescue known as Good Mews.
Anne Brennaman, founder and treasurer of Macon Purrs N Paws, said, “[Good Mews] is a fabulous organization, and I patterned Purrs N Paws after them. We did a lot of research on cat sheltering, got information from our vets, got our license and here we are.”
The organization started in April 2010 and has easily had 500 to 600 adoptions total since opening.
Within the last year, well over 300 cats have been adopted.
Macon Purrs N Paws also has between 10 to 15 dogs in foster care at present, but the shelters are for cats only.
Currently, the number of cats residing in the shelter is 126, but the organization tries not to exceed over 130 animals at a time in the shelter.
The shelter stays close to full capacity most of the time because “there’s such a need in Macon,” Brennaman said.
“[In 2010], the percentage of cats being put down by animal control was in the high 90s. Everything that we (Purrs N Paws) had to do to make this happen just fell into place for us.”
Usually Macon Purrs N Paws pull cats and dogs from animal control shelters in Jones County, Warner Robins and Macon.
However, sometimes “if someone has to surrender a cat, if we have space, we will take an owner surrender,” said Brennaman.
Macon Purrs N Paws has no sponsors and instead relies entirely on adoptions, fundraisers and donations.
Brennaman said, “We would love to have sponsors.
We have to pay the bills just like everybody else, and it is a constant struggle. The cats have to come first.”
The fee for adopting a cat is $85 to cover the costs of vetting and housing animals that are taken in.
The organization also accepts volunteer help and foster care for their animals. As volunteers, people are encouraged to play with the cats and give them attention.
At the moment, Macon Purrs N Paws might be difficult to locate because not many people know about it, and it is located in a shopping center.
The organization is going to put up a sign soon to help get the word out.
Macon Purrs N Paws has a Facebook page, which they update with upcoming events and pictures of animals ready for adoption.
The organization accepts donations through their website at
People who wish to volunteer or foster can also fill out forms on the website.
The adoption events occur every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.