Celebrating Valentine’s Day without a significant other

Valentine’s Day is one of the happiest times of the year. Loving couples plan elaborate romantic dinners ahead of time or just spend time in each other’s company.
All of the lovey-dovey time they spend together is secretly for one reason, to remind all of the unfortunate singles out there that they do not have the joy and bliss of a significant other.
Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day as it is often called, can be viewed in very cynical terms. Singles are often miserable on this day seemingly devoted to reminding them of their loneliness.
Valentine’s Day does not have to be viewed in such a negative light though. The unattached masses can still find many ways to spend the day alone.
One method is to take advantage of all of the classic romantic films that go on sale around this time. Many amazing movies, such as “Casablanca,” “Some Like it Hot” and “The Notebook” (okay, maybe not that one) are suddenly easily available around this time of year. By hitting up the sales rack of the video store, you can have yourself the beginnings of a classic movie marathon.
Of course, since these are all romantic films, singles may end up feeling even more depressed about their eternal loneliness. One thing that makes depression easier to cope with is chocolate, and that is also easily available around Valentine’s Day.
The week of Valentine’s Day is a candy lover’s paradise. Walking onto the candy isle of a store on the day after Valentine’s Day is like the gates of Wonka’s factory opening to show the heaven that lies within (at least the Gene Wilder Wonka Factory is magical–the Johnny Depp one is creepy).
It is possible to buy boxes of candy for less than a dollar. Enough candy can be bought to placate the post-Valentine’s Day depression that will linger for some. Buying candy the day before Valentine’s Day can also serve to compliment the movie marathon.
You can also try going on a hike and enjoying nature’s comforting sunshine. It will probably be 70 degrees on Valentine’s Day anyway, considering we live in Macon.
And who needs a significant other when you’ve got friends? Get together with your single friends and have an anti-Valentine’s Day. Play card games, enjoy your classic movie marathon together, eat unhealthy foods. The solace of friends mends even the most lonely of people.
One important thing to consider about Valentine’s Day is the loneliness that other singles feel. Perhaps instead of observing Singles Awareness Day, it could be possible to actually try speaking to another single that you are interested in.
Countless single men and women out there will be feeling the same loneliness that plagues you. Valentine’s Day could lead to a romance for those who dare to attempt a connection with someone. The loneliness felt does not have to be permanent. Few people enjoy spending all of their time in solitude, and on a day devoted to showing that solitude, the pain of being alone is all the more apparent.
Valentine’s Day does not have to be depressing. Sure, you may be jealous of all of the happy couples spending the holiday together, but there is a positive to being forever alone. At least you do not have to spend over $100 on a meal in an overpriced restaurant.