Mercer Memories: Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood is originally from Macon and graduated from Mercer in 2001 with a degree in Chemistry. She is now married to Greg Wood, who she met at Mercer during her freshman year. They have two young boys, Elijah and Asa, and they still live in the Macon area.
Cluster: Why did you choose Mercer?
Wood: I knew some Mercer students and enjoyed being on the Mercer campus. The main reason I chose Mercer, though, was that I was offered more financial aid to attend Mercer than any other college.
C: What led you to choose biology as a course of study? What have you done with your degree since then?
W: I enjoyed chemistry more than any other subject and thought that it may eventually lead to a career in the medical profession. After graduation, I worked as an analytical chemist at Brown and Williamson for three years.
C: Where do you work now?
W: I homeschool Elijah and Asa, which is a full time job for me.
C: Were you involved in any extra curricular activities or clubs?
W: I didn’t participate in any intramural sports but I was involved in the Baptist Student Union and the American Chemical Society.
C: What was your favorite class and why?
W: My favorite classes were probably the physical chemistry classes taught by Andy Pounds and Dale Moore. Those classes were so difficult that the few of us who took them became like family as we tried to help each other survive the class. I enjoyed the long hours that I spent with those folks.
C: Which dorm did you like the best? Why?
W: I really enjoyed my freshman year in Dowell. I liked the freedom that I had from my parents and living so close to so many young ladies like me. We had a lot of fun together. I also enjoyed living in a safe place that was so close to my meals and classes.
C: Did you have a favorite hang out spot on campus?
W: I loved walking under the huge trees in the quad.
C: Can you think of any funny memories from your time at Mercer?
W: There is one funny story about Papa Joe (Hendricks). He was a legend in the Christianity department. Once when he was teaching our Old Testament class, a guy kept asking him the same question repeatedly. Papa Joe got so frustrated with him, he threw the board’s eraser across the room and walked out. We waited a while for him to return, and he didn’t. So we assumed that class was over and everyone left.
C: Can you share any special stories about you and Greg and your time together at Mercer?
W: Well in May 2001 we skipped out on graduation and got married instead. It was a great day!
C: Any words of advice for the busy college student?
W: Take time to develop relationships with people and try to enjoy, not just endure, what you are learning.