Student Government Association prepares for spring semester

President Mollie Davis motioned to suspend normal business at the beginning of Student Governor Association’s first meeting this semester order to swear in the new Media Secretary, Caroline Cooper. The meeting was held Monday Jan. 14 at 5:30pm in the Connell Student Center.
Cooper replaced Edward Fletcher who stepped down due to extended class hours this spring. Senator Joshua Deremer also stepped down as Treasurer due to class conflicts.
The New Treasurer, Gary Wall, will be sworn in next week. Wall had the flu and was unable to attend the first SGA meeting.
President Davis announced the possibly of a time capsule for the Cruz Plaza as part of her agenda. She said, “SGA is looking at investing a time capsule for 2013 to show a snapshot of what Mercer is like now that would be opened in 25 or 50 years.”
The capsule would contain student submissions including personal narratives, polls from the student body, and a football signed by Mercer’s Football Team. President Davis said, “There’s a lot of cool ways we can go about creating an accurate and fun portrayal, based on student submissions, of what Mercer is.”
SGA plans to hold their office hours on the first floor of the Connell Student Center every last Monday of the month during this semester.
Vice President Joshua Lovett announced that the senators will work on the PAW Points initiative, the time capsule, and other projects in the lobby of the CSC during this time. He said, “By doing this we can really interact with the students and make sure we are being as transparent as possible.”
Chairman of the Campus Safety and Improvements Committee Senator Gayle-Anne Hendricks announced plans to hold a self-defense class this semester. She said, “I really want to open this up to both guys and girls because guys need self defense too.”
The Contract Services Committee will hold a focus group Jan. 24, at 5pm to discuss plans for students to share their opinion about what should be done with the Bear Rock Café.
Chairman Josh Soave said, “I really want what we with do with Bear Rock to be something the students choose, not just an SGA decision.”
SGA is holding a special election for freshman and junior senators. The polls will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.
Parliamentarian Alex Lockwood announced SGA’s sponsorship of the event Last Chance Lecture. The students will pick a faculty member to give the lecture.
Lockwood said, “Its like the last lecture of their life, and they’re supposed to tell us what they’ve learned during life.”
Mercer’s SGA has sponsored the event since in the 1980’s. However, the organization has not given a Last Chance Lecture for the past two years.
In other announcements, Founder’s Day is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 10am in the Willingham Auditorium. Also, PAW Points from last year will roll over into the new semester.