Cruz Plaza provides short-term inconvenient obstacle for long-term student pride problem

Due to the recent uproar from students as a result of the Cruz Plaza construction, I would like to remind students that this project is one of great value to our Mercer University community.
Many students have recently been familiarized with the plans for the new Cruz Plaza, named for the Cruz family of Puerto Rico.
This major landscaping project will transform Mercer’s campus from Tarver Library to Greek Village, and from the University Center to the Historic Quad.
As the construction has created a noticable obstacle for students while they attempt to venture across campus, students must keep in mind that Cruz Plaza will be a beneficial betterment of Mercer’s Macon campus.
First and foremost, Cruz Plaza will not raise the price of tuition.
Many students have the misconception that projects that have been done on campus such as the Bear Statue, and now Cruz Plaza come out of a tuition fund.
However, Mercer receives funding specifically for these projects.
In regards to the new plaza, the Cruz family’s connection to Mercer comes from Milton L. Cruz, a 1982 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and chairman, president, and CEO of Medholdings Inc. Also included in the Cruz family is his wife, Aileen Rosso, and his father Juan L. Cruz Rosario and sister Zoraida Cruz Torres – both of whom are also Mercer graduates.
Despite the current inconvenience, Cruz Plaza will improve the aesthetics of Mercer University’s Macon campus.
Individuals who have not seen the architectural rendering of the new Cruz Plaza are missing out.
The rendering includes plans to incorporate major new gateways to the interior of campus around Tarver Library, the University Center and Connell Student Center, incorporating the current Porter Patch and W.G. Lee Park.
Cruz Plaza will also include a prominent new water feature.
Cruz Plaza is sure to be a beautiful addition to a campus that already maintains a reputation for having one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country.
In addition to the beautiful asethetic features, Cruz Plaza will attract more students. 
Students will be more inclined to attend Mercer University as a result of the major landscaping improvements. 
Parents and students alike will feel a sense of community as they view the students carrying out their daily lives in what will one day soon be Cruz Plaza.
Additionally, visiting students will also have a sense of tranquility as they imagine themselves relaxing beside the new fountain.
Cruz Plaza will make Mercer University a more student friendly environment by providing new seating and gathering areas. Students will have a variety of new and improved settings to study and hang out with friends.