AGD’s annual ‘How Sweet It Is’ philanthropy event has sweet results

Alpha Gamma Delta’s annual all-you-can-eat dessert sale, “How Sweet It Is”, went off without a hitch once again despite the cold, wet weather Wednesday evening, Nov. 14.
The philanthropy coordinator for Mercer’s AGD chapter, Caitlin Donnelly, said that the event went as well as it has in previous years. After the ticket sales, Donnelly said, “It’s an event that runs itself.”
This was Donnelly’s first year as Philanthropy Coordinator and, therefore, her first year being in charge of the “How Sweet It Is” event. Additionally, she was in charge of Alpha Gamma Delta’s Wing Jam event last April.
According to Donnelly, the “How Sweet It Is” dessert sale usually raises around $800 in proceeds. Kalie Frank, Vice President of Finance for the organization, estimated that the event raised about $750 this year.
“If it’s a little bit short of [what we usually earn], I would guess it’s because of the weather,” Donnelly said.
Not long after the event began at 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, the already brisk weather turned bitingly cold and a frigid wind kicked up, accompanied by stinging rain that discouraged people from leaving their dorms.
Donnelly supposed that the weather had an effect on the number of people who usually show up to buy their tickets to “How Sweet It Is” at the door of the event.
While most ticket sales occur before the night of the event, Donnelly said that there are always stragglers who buy their tickets at the last minute. That number was lower this year than in the past.
In addition to accepting cash for the tickets, Donnelly said that the sorority accepted payment through Bear Cards this year.
As usual, ticket proceeds from the sorority’s fundraising event will go to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.
One of the main purposes of the foundation is to provide grants and funding for diabetes research and education in addition to supporting families afflicted with the disorder.
Additionally, the organization supports sorority sisters in crisis areas such as those living in the wake of Hurricane Irene and, more recently, Hurricane Sandy.
This year, Mercer’s AGD chapter is also sending proceeds from “How Sweet It Is” to an organization called Maddy’s Mission, which supports a sorority sister named Maddy Watts from the University of Central Oklahoma chapter.
Watts was diagnosed with melanoma for the second time on Sept. 10 of this year.
Alpha Gamma Delta sisters from around the country have been sending proceeds from their fundraisers to Maddy’s Mission since then to spread awareness of the disease and to ease the burden of Watts’ medical bills.
As in years past, all of the desserts sold at “How Sweet It Is” were homemade by the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta.
The substantial spread included banana pudding, several pies and a wide variety of cookies and cupcakes. Donnelly herself baked chocolate chip cookies and decorated doughnuts made to resemble snowmen.