Player Spotlight: Precious Bridges

Precious Bridges is a sophomore from West Palm Beach, Fla. Bridges is majoring in communication with a minor in criminal justice. Bridges is a point guard and shooting guard on the Mercer Women’s Basketball team. Coming straight from practice, she sat down with the Cluster to talk about her life as an athlete.

Cluster: How old were you when you started playing sports?
Bridges: When I was eight and someone saw me play basketball.
C: So you have always played basketball?
B: Yes. I ran track but really didn’t like it, so I stuck with basketball.
C: How have you grown since freshman year?
B: Freshman year I was homesick so I was more focused on myself and not willing to be a teammate. Now I am trying to be a better teammate and communicate more.
C: What do you consider to be your strength as an athlete?
B: My strength is my speed.
C: And weakness?
B: My weakness is consistency with my shot.
C: Do you or your team have any goals to work towards this season?
B: Yes we have a lot of goals. Our short-term goals are to be there for each other, learn how to be a teammate, and learn how to communicate more. Long term, win the A-Sun championship and go to the NCA.
C: Do you feel good about this season?
B: Yes. Pretty confident.
C: What game are you looking forward to most this season and why?
B: Stetson. First of all, they wanted me. Second of all, since I’ve been here they’ve beaten us both times. And it’s a conference game.
C: Do you hope to pursue anything in basketball after you graduate?
B: Yes, I want to play overseas.
C: Where?
B: I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking Spain but I really don’t know. I’m going to look more into it.
C: Who is your favorite player?
B: Skylar Diggins, we play her on Tuesday. That’s my favorite player. She plays for Notre Dame.
C: What do you do to get psyched before a game?
B: I sit in the corner and listen to music. Because I can’t touch the floor until there is 60 minutes left to shoot. It will be 90 minutes and then 60 minutes everyone has to be on the floor. That’s what I do before a game.
C: What do you like to listen to?
B: It depends on what I’m thinking about for that game, what I am trying to accomplish. I listen to Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne, stuff like that. Mostly Lil Wayne.

Precious and the Mercer Women’s team played against Notre Dame and Furman over Thanksgiving break. Be sure to come and cheer on Precious and the team at their next home game against Davidson on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7:00 p.m.