Hoffman’s Hooligans voted to be an official organization

Student Government Association unanimously voted to approve Hoffman’s Hooligans as an official organization. The Hooligans held their first official event by painting and cheering at the homecoming game.
Hoffman’s Hooligans began during the 2009-2010 basketball season by a group of students who wanted to support the men’s basketball team and wanted to improve the Mercer experience by creating an energetic student section.
“Many of our traditions, such as how we paint up, come from this original group,” said Kevin Eck, president of the Hooligans.
The newly created organization is composed of Eck as president, Davis Lacey as vice-president and Coach Bob Hoffman as an advisor.
The organization also has the collaboration of Blaze Jeffrey, Melissa Thompson and Andrew Eck who are involved with the group’s leadership.
This group of students decided to become an official organization during last year’s basketball season.
“Last year was a big success for the Bears. Students began to see the potential a strong student section had to affect the game,” said Eck.
The Hooligans’ president said that this interest on more active presence at athletic events was also seen during the last SGA elections as both candidates supported athletic attendance. The group got interested in becoming an official organization in order for future students to sustain this school spirit.
“Mollie Davis and the rest of SGA have been very supportive of what we are trying to do. The athletic department including Coach Hoffman has been crucial in this process as well,” Eck said.
SGA’s President Mollie Davis hopes that by supporting the Hooligans there will be more opportunities to get a solid student support for the men’s basketball team.
Hoffman’s Hooligans seek to support the Bears on the court by creating a vigorous environment and therefore generating a home court advantage. The organization believes that rooting on the team provides significant encouragement that could change the results of the game. The Hooligans belief is that a strong student section is not only important for Mercer’s school spirit but it is a significant part of every student’s college experience.
“Making each game an event will increase the student participation in athletic events,” Davis said.
Furthermore, the new organization is looking to try to make membership more meaningful by supplying benefits to its members. In addition to being a part of the group at the games, Hoffman’s Hooligans are planning on having official apparel such as t-shirts and bowties, interaction with the team such as open practices, and giving away food at the coach’s radio show.
In order to join and earn these benefits, students must attend and participate with the Hooligans at five games.
“Anyone who is interested in showing their Mercer spirit and supporting our fellow students out on the court should consider joining us. You do not have to be a fan of the sport to get involved and have a good time,” said Eck.
As Kevin Eck said, “We have the potential to win the conference tournament and earn a bid to the NCAA tournament. All the support we can get to give our guys a home court advantage will make a difference.”
The organization hopes to lay the foundation for better student involvement in all Mercer athletics and create new meaningful traditions that will become part of the Mercer experience. The group’s goal is to establish a solid men’s basketball section and then try to expand and include all sports in the future.
“So whether or not you decide to join us down front, come to the games and make some noise! It’s a great opportunity to show some love to our team and our school and be a part of something special. Let’s Go Bears!” said the Hooligans president.
For more information about membership or leadership involvement, contact Kevin Eck or any of the Hooligan’s members.