We have no idea what we're doing

There are many things wrong with human society today. I’m sure I’m not the only one that believes this. Perhaps I just want to complain. Maybe I need to vent out some frustration of the everyday boring life.
In either case, I’ve been on this planet for nearly 19 years. I’ll take out the first five years of my life so as to be realistic about my knowledge of reality and where it actually started. In other words, I’ve experienced in my memory 14 years. I guess a 14-year-old is too young to know really anything of the world.
However, 14 years doing a job, that’s more than enough experience to know what you’re doing. I feel we, as humans, don’t know what we’re doing.
In all seriousness, how many of you actually know what you’re doing with your life?
Sure maybe you have this idea of graduating from college with a degree, getting that job, starting a family, retiring, spoiling the grandkids, and dying blissfully knowing you lived a good life. Bah!
I can’t agree with that. It is a nice dream, but this is reality. Things get in the way and difficulties arise. We really can’t say what will happen. So then if that’s just an idea of your life, what is it you’re actually doing with your life?
I’m not saying that I have a greater understanding of this, but someone else has to agree that living in a mundane cycle of grade school, undergrad college, job, family, retire, death, is not the way to live.
I feel this is the way of the people, not the way of humans. People are the mindless people you see, a vacant expression of a mask giving a façade of some actual emotion. People live day to day, almost exactly the same. They talk gibberish to each other about their mundane lives.
“Yes, I’m sure the pizza in the café isn’t that great. I understand that homework piles up. The time? I think it’s 4:00.”
This is no way to live. I’m not saying that you need to become some filthy rich crème de la crème to actually live.
What bothers me so much about “people” is that they live day to day not doing anything actually productive. I’m sure you’ve met someone that has so many ideas and voices them so well. That person’s views on things are fantastic, and all that person does is complain about what needs to be changed in the world. I have to ask, do they ever do anything about those issues? Or are they just blowing hot air around? People are the problem in this “model society” we’ve produced.
I don’t want to seem completely cynical of the world. I believe that humans are the most incredible beings ever to exist. Look at all the humans that have made history! Thomas Edison, Henry David Thoreau, Winston Churchill, Aristotle, Vincent Van Goph, Stephen Hawkings. This list is not of people, but of humans.
They all did what they wanted to do in life and created or changed something they felt needed it.
I’m no Soren Kierkegaard, but I believe one needs to do what they believe is best. All people have a thought about something that needs to be changed or dealt with to make the world better. The problem now is that humans have changed into people.
Do the whole world a favor and put your voice out there. I don’t hope this excerpt from my thoughts made you feel like doing something. I hope I made you do something.