Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Have you ever wondered how to make a prom dress out of neck ties? Have you ever had the burning desire to accentuate your coffee cups with real locks of hair? Have you been looking to knit a sweater for your new bike? If so, there are hosts of internet sites begging for your attention, but if you think like most people these days, some of these ideas just do not seem practical or necessary.
Pinterest has become the craft idea guru and the go-to site for DIY projects, but there are just some crafts that, while they can be done, do not necessarily need to be done. For example, Pinterest users now offer directions on completely covering high heels with googly eyes. Now, besides a googly eye themed wedding or Halloween dress-up day at the office, to what occasions would one wear these heels? On another note, it would be quite interesting to know what inspired this idea. Was there a surplus of googly eyes on clearance at Michael’s? We no longer need eyes in the back of our heads when we can just glue them to our shoes.
Another interesting Pinterest idea includes knitting a sweater for a bike. It is uncertain when or why bikes began needing sweaters, but if there is yarn just lying around, why not? We just cannot take chances when it comes to the weather and germs nowadays. It would just be downright devastating if a bike were to run a fever. An extra positive is the style points a hand-knit sweater adds to an already chic bike.
A lesser known site titled Etsy.com offers a virtual marketplace where new and experienced artists can sell their own crafts online. It is quite surprising what people make these days, but even more shocking are the items other people buy. One artist offers handmade ceramic espresso coffee cups with style. How can someone make coffee cups stylish, one might ask? Easy: add a few locks of her hair. Now, there are two pressing questions when it comes to mixing hair and coffee cups. Number one: which is more stylish: blonde or brunette hair accents? Number two: $50 plus shipping and handling seems a bit on the cheap side. Is this really a good deal? Okay, but in all seriousness, how does one drink from this cup without ingesting strands of hair (do the hairs produce added flavor)? Secondly: just how sanitary is this?
This is by no means meant to discourage crafting. Feel free to be as creative and crafty as possible. Pinterest and other craft sites similar to it usually offer some of the most intriguing and innovative projects out there. Consider the melted crayon project, for instance. This one is easy and looks great anywhere. I even attempted this one (of course I melted wax onto my foot and the crayons stopped melting halfway down the page. It still came out great!) and I found it to be both reasonable and tasteful. Just keep one thing in mind when your creative juices are flowing: just because you can, does not always mean you should. Also, as an added tip, if you have to ask if your craft is legal, dangerous, or sanitary, you might consider making something else. Happy crafting!