Share the wealth, why don’t you?

Nothing says ‘my life is awful’ like going on a yachting adventure in the middle of the day just because boredom set in.
I don’t know if you use Tumblr or have heard of the Rich Kids of Instagram, but I just discovered it and the content of the blog is almost surreal.
I haven’t quite decided if the content of the blog is entertaining or upsetting. I would like more money, but not nearly to the degree these kids have it.
From what I can see, Rich Kids of Instagram was created on Tumblr as a way to perpetually mock the kids who had the gumption to post pictures reflecting their lavish lifestyle on Instagram.
The kids in the photos are either ignorant of how they are coming off to others or they think it is cool that they are being further represented to a wider audience than simply Instagram.
The photographs and ridiculous captions on the blog feature pictures of girls in skimpy bikinis riding on an elephant, amazing water slides, parties with gold plated iPhones, crazy expensive – foreign cars, various multi-story mega-yachts with copious amounts of alcohol, and various receipts lunch and dinner extravaganzas tallying thousands of dollars. The lifestyle these kids live is just absolutely absurd!
The hashtags on the captions just prove that these kids are asking for the type of attention they are receiving. It’s almost as if they are becoming free advertisement for whatever product they are using at the time. Gucci this, Bugatti that. Us lowly, middle class folks have to work while these “Rich Kids” are sitting in their huge yachts and expensive cars doing nothing. Or they are doing things only rich people think to do because they have the money to do it.
What makes me mad about this blog is that all of these kids don’t even make the money. Instead, they are spending their family’s money.
In most of the captions accompanying the instagram photos, the kids are saying things like:
“Summer Thursdays! #poolparty #nojob #noproblem”
Um, no job, no problem? You make me sick.
“Good friends and big Yachts. What more do u need?”
I can answer that question. You could use a little slice of humble pie.
#hamptons #NBD,”
There should not be a car in your living room, much less a Ferarri. No big deal? The fact that you live in the Hamptoms and have a Ferrari in your living room is a pretty big deal.
“Casual 100 foot water slide in the backyard. #hamptons #summer #crew.”
What are you doing today? Oh, I have a 100 foot water slide in my backyard that we just casually set up.
Or one of my personal favorites, “Pulling up to my house on a boat. #miami #winning #balling #getonmylevel.”
Saying get on my level is just asking for a “come at me bro” taunt.
Apparently articles have been popping up all over the internet that proclaim that the tumblr blog somewhat embarrasses rich kids. I disagree. If these kids want to brag about their personal and unearned incomes, that’s there prerogative. I doubt they even find their pictures embarassing.
It’s no surprise that drama broke out over these “Rich Kids” photographs and related hashtags.
A few children of an up and coming power couple posted some pictures of their family vacation. The parents of the children viewed their posts as a huge threat to their security. As a result, the children had to delete their social media accounts to prevent them from committing any more idiotic acts.
When you’re a multi-billionaire, family safety is a pretty big issue. International criminal organizations love to snatch those kids and collect a substantial ransom.
However, with attitudes like “#getonmylevel” and “#nojob #noproblem” no one will care if something happens to these kids; thanks to their arrogant and over the top attitudes during this economic climate.
With the amount of social media sites popping up at an alarming rate, it’s no surprise that there is a crossover between Tumblr and Instagram.
It’s also no big surprise that the “Rich Kids” took this crossover as an opportunity to show off all of their expensive stuff making the rest of us look bad — normal.
Actually, they make the craziness surrounding my life seem tame. I’m okay with documenting a normal and budgeted lifestyle on my Instagram.

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