Freshmen attend Bear Fair

Freshmen from the record-breaking class of 2016 filled Heritage Hall and the University Center arena on Monday, Aug. 20 at 4 p.m. for Bear Fair, an important and exciting part of Bear Beginnings. Freshmen were able to meet people from various on-campus organizations and sign up to be involved in clubs that highlight their interests.
Local businesses such as William Alexander Salon and Rumor Boutique also had booths set up.
Some of the student organizations present included Common Ground, Mercer University College Republicans, Baptist Collegiate Ministry and Animercer, among other Greek, religious and student-lead organizations.
Freshmen received free shirts, cups, food etc. from many of the 135 booths, who hoped to find new recruits for their respective organizations.
Mercer Theatre attracted students with cookies, and the Mac-Town Breakers took turns showcasing their break dancing skills, bringing many onlookers and passersby to their table.
The Dulcimer handed out copies of their magazine, and Michelle Meredith said Bear Fair had been very successful for Mercer’s literary magazine. The Dulcimer had many new sign-ups and even ran out of flyers to hand out.
Meredith said she was excited for the upcoming year and the many new changes The Dulcimer will experience. They are planning more events, and are beginning an online blog and will utilize social media to showcase more of Mercer’s creative talent.
Freshman Molly Curley described Bear Fair as overwhelming, but enjoyed the experience. Curley said the many people she met were friendly and fun, especially those at her favorite table: the Society of Collegiate Journalists.
Payton Usher, a recruit for Mercer’s new football program, had not been at Bear Fair long, but like Curley, said the event was overwhelming. Usher expressed interest in intramural sports.
Bear Bikes had a booth set up, and student Chase Williams represented the organization. Williams said he was excited about the interest in the relatively new program, which began last year. There were several names on the sigh-up list, but Williams said he had received even more emails from students expressing interest.
Bear Bikes has 38 bikes available for students, all of which have been rented for this semester. An exciting first for the program, said Williams.
After Bear Fair, all students were invited to Porter Patch for “Ice Cream with the Underwoods.”