Students gear up for Intramural season

Mercer Intramurals continues to offer students of all interests the chance to participate and get involved in various sports. Whether you are a sports fanatic, or just looking to meet new people, Mercer’s Intramural sports is a great way for freshman to graduate students to get out and get active.
Many organizations sign up to participate and compete in intramurals but it’s not just organizations that have the ability to form a team. Anyone can grab a few friends and register their team on
Todd Thomas, assistant director of recreational sports and wellness, explained that, “Intramurals are one of the premiere ways for all Mercer students to interact with students outside of their typical social structure. They get to meet people that they’re not going to see in their classes or their residence hall. They essentially get to expand their pool of people that they meet and somewhere in there chances are they’re going to find someone to connect with.”
With almost 55 percent of the student body participating in intramurals of some kind, it’s apparent that one will connect and meet a variety of people.
“There’s tons of empirical research to suggest that those students who are involved in Student Affairs activities, including intramurals, show higher retention rates, higher graduation rates, and higher GPAs,” said Thomas.
Mercer’s Intramurals offers many different sports throughout the year, including competitive sports such as basketball, flag football and soccer. For those looking to just blow off some steam after class hours there are less competitive sports such as battleship, which takes place in Plunkett Pool during spring semester, and table tennis.
“It’s also just fun. We do a ton of special events each year that are fully intended to be non-competitive and just fun,” said Thomas.
“Battleship is a great event that’s not ultra competitive, our Championship Nights are always a big event, the Mercer Madness event last year had a great dodgeball tournament that drew a large crowd, and our Halloween 5K event this year partnering with Quadworks should be a lot of fun.”
“So while there’s a whole lot of intrinsic value in participating, I’m more than willing to admit that the main reason most people participate is because it’s a blast.”
To register a team for an upcoming intramural season visit, enter your information with a valid Mercer email account and register your team.