Macon in running to win one-million dollar prize

Macon in running to win one-million dollar prize

Macon has qualified as a candidate for a one-million dollar prize in a nationwide contest to help feed the hungry and less fortunate.

Wal-Mart is running the Facebook campaign as part of its Fighting Hunger Together initiative.
The initiative is highlighting over 200 communites throughout the United States where unemployment rates are high.

Wal-Mart will award the community with the most votes the one-million dollar prize. If Macon receives this honor the money
will go to the Middle Georgia.

Community Food Bank Ron Raleigh, Executive Director of the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank said, “The dollars will definitely be used, and we can find a home for them. It’s just mind-boggling for me to think that, ‘oh I might have a million dollars to try to spend. Wow!’”

The contest all boils down to an online vote. The highest vote getting cities will receive a cash prize. The money will go to the winning city’s local food bank.

“If we can’t get the most votes, maybe we can get the second most or the 20th most. As long as we’re in the top 20, we’re good to go,” said Raleigh.

Cities making the top twenty will receive $50,000 each. Raleigh has already started making a wish list of things that are needed at the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.

“The higher-end protein items will definitely be on my wish list if we get the million dollars.
Then I would chase that with fruits and vegetables,” Raleigh added.

Margie Kennedy from the House of Grace Church in Cochran stops by the food bank twice a week to stock up the church’s pantry.

“To put together a meal, the fruit is kind of expensive. A lot of people pass over the fruit and go to other things,” she said. “We have a small food bank. We have anywhere from 15 to 35 families that come on any given day that we are open.”

On a million dollar budget, Raleigh says about 150,000 to 200,000 families will get a nice hearty meal.

To cast your vote for Macon to win and to help feed local families, go to Wal-Mart’s Facebook page and click the Fighting Hunger tab. You will be able to vote every 24 hours. The contest runs until April 30th.