Lessons Mercer gave me: words of wisdom from past semesters

Sitting down to write this last column is bittersweet. While I am equal parts terrified and excited to begin my life outside the doors of Mercer undergrad, I will truly miss the friends I have made here, the memories that will remain in my heart and the lessons that I am sure will stick with me forever.
Passing through the gates of Mercer four years ago, I had the same feeling. I was terrified of having to share a room for the first time in my life.
But I learned to love Dowell 207 and my roommate, she taught me the first great lesson: no matter if you are having the worst day possible keep smiling, be yourself, and people will love you for it.
General Chemistry 1 started off truly brutal for me. Dr. Kiefer I am sorry for bawling in your office but your astounding faith in my abilities as a student has allowed me to never give up, even when the road seemed impossible and I am truly grateful for your seemingly unending patience with me freshman year.
Which brings me to lesson number two: never give up and never be afraid to ask for help. Your professors are here to teach you and they will go out of their way to help you succeed.
Getting around Macon was a true challenge for me the first few months here, who am I kidding I still have trouble navigating around the streets of Macon. Lesson number three: I advise all students to invest in a GPS of some kind, or even just a map.
I have endured my fair share of relationship drama in my time here at Mercer, and while I regret a few of my past love interests, those relationships have taught me a truly valuable lesson: boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go but true friends will always be there for you.
I made the mistake once of shutting one of my best friends out of my life because of a guy, it was a terrible mistake and I am very thankful my path has lead me back to her. Thank you for being a true friend and accepting me for all my faults, you know who you are.
My parents were surprised and concerned when I came home with the decision of becoming a Journalism and Media Studies major.
It was apparent on their faces they were worried about my future job prospects and urged me to also undertake a more promising degree to add to future jobs.
While I do not regret my second major, Journalism truly makes me happy and I am glad I stuck with it. This brings me to lesson number five: do not let anyone change your mind on which subject you choose to pursue a degree in.
This is your life, you will only get one and you deserve to be happy with whatever career choice you choose to go after.
I have learned to love this campus as my home. While I hate the cockroaches and the fearless squirrels, Mercer is a great place and I am so glad I chose to go here.
To my professors, past and present, thank you for your knowledge, thank you for your patience and thank you for never doubting me.
To my friends thank you for always being there for me, thank you for dealing with my drama and thank you for never letting me down.
Mercer, thank you for being my home these last four years, and thank you for all the lessons you have imparted on me, I will not soon forget them.
Mercer students, it has been an honor being your Opinions Editor this past year.
This section has had its ups and downs, its fair share of drama and a whole lot of love. But thank you for continuing to read my crazy columns and thank you for making this last year a truly memorable one.
I will miss the staff of The Cluster so much. You have truly become like family to me and I love you all and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.

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