Viva la sport!


I’m going to be honest; I really couldn’t get into golf besides being a Tiger groupie for a long time. I felt it boring and a bit of a drag, making me wince whenever I would walk into a room with golf on. I really couldn’t stand the atmosphere, and to me, it didn’t feel like it could keep me enthused.
Over the years, I began to put on the final round of majors, watching to see if Tiger would pull out a comeback or continue to dominate. I’d watch and see if Lefty had any kind of good day. More often than not, I’d really just watch in slight bewilderment, confused as to why anyone would sit around and watch these guys hit a tiny ball down a course 72 times each over four days.
However, I must now urge everyone to watch golf. Heck, you should go play. I find it funny that some of the slower and less “exciting” sports are actually much more technically sophisticated. I personally love soccer, and a major part of that game is a technical finesse unheard of in football or basketball.
I have begun to be entranced in the sheer majesty of the sport and its culture. While I knew what was going on scoring wise all those years ago, I had no idea just how complex the game was and could be. Watching the Masters this weekend has been a special treat, as I have been able to see just how often the leader board changes everyday.
Golf has everything that you want in a form of entertainment. It has drama in every tournament. No matter how often these players participate in the same event, small things change every year. Old enemies resurface, and actual rivalries develop. The media might enhance it a bit, but it makes watching the holes even more worth it.
If you’re a purist and don’t like the flashy pageantry that comes with professional sports, then you’ll love golf even more. Even though some wear a few outlandishly bright colors (Rickie Fowler, but he rocks), the focus remains on the ability of the players and all of the little variables that happen in golf. You might think weather affects other sports bad, but the slightest breeze must be taken into account. The altitude of the course has to be remembered to see if the ball will travel differently.
Even more, it is such a mental sport that it surprised me to a high degree. Every little stroke from a massive drive of over 200 yards to a little putt from three feet out must be a careful equation. It’s a beautiful symphony of technique, athletic ability and a cautious accountancy for outside elements that can undo the best of them.
In essence, the sport of golf has no equal, and this past weekend of Masters has been thrilling. Somewhere between watching the ungraceful disappearance of Tiger on day three and the climatic final round, I kicked myself for thinking golf was boring for such a long time. When the U.S. Open happens, you should watch, because it is always a treat, and Rory McIlroy will be trying to defend his title. It’s just an awesome sport that always keeps you on the tips of your toes…just like Mercer Bears basketball.