Mercerians to make the most of break

We are nearly three weeks away from college students refer to as freedom and what everyone else refers to as summer break. Summer break means many different things for many different people.  From relaxation to internships, from graduate school visits to foreign excursions, summer break is filled with fun times, adventures, and life-changing experiences.
Many students are just going to go home, spend time with their families, and get some much-needed rest in over their summer holidays. Some of the best television comes on during the summer seasons, so these couch potatoes and relaxers will have a great amount to do.
Freshman Caroline Carlton is going home to Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music. She plans to relax and go to a lot of concerts.
“This summer I am going to hang out with my friends from high school, chill pool side, and go downtown and listen to country music in Nashville! I’m also going to go to concerts,” said Carlton.
With the pressures of finding a job fresh on juniors’ and seniors’ minds, internships have proved to be more valuable then ever. Students search all spring to find the perfect internship for themselves in their particular field and some even travel beyond their home state to pursue these valuable endeavors.
A group of students who are either trying to prolong the inevitable, or gain some valuable educational experiences are searching for graduate schools to attend once they finish their undergraduate studies at Mercer University.
Some students are still looking to find a job. With graduation in a month, many seniors are still searching for that highly touted, highly paid venture into the work force. Some students have applied to many places and haven’t been offered anything yet, so their job search will continue throughout the summer and hopefully will come to an end sometime soon.
Graduating senior Daniel Larson has a military job lined up, but before he ventures into the work force, he’ll be spending some time with his friends.
“I’m going to have the three best months ever with my friends before I go to Oklahoma for five months,” said Larson. “I’m heading to officer field artillery training. I’ve got to do that for give months before I can advance in my army career,” added Larson.
Travels abroad are always exciting and a lot of students are looking to use this summer as a chance to broaden their horizons. Experiencing a different culture is an invaluable experience, and with three months of free time away from school, summer provides the perfect outlet to do that.
Junior Leslie Roberts will be traveling abroad this summer for pleasure. She will be going with her three best friends from home on a cruise. On this cruise she will be traveling from Key West to the Grand Cayman Islands and Jamaica.
“I’m so excited. I’ve been out of the country before, but this is the first time I’ll be going without my family. It should make for a great time and an unforgettable experience,” Roberts said.
Several athletes will spend a good majority of their summer breaks at Mercer in Macon. Some are required to take summer classes, while others will still be in season. The baseball and softball teams will hopefully be playing well into the summer, because that means that they will be venturing into the post-season.