A day in the life of: #11 Cassie Roy


One of the most successful individuals on the sand volleyball courts this year is Cassie Roy. Roy and her partner Jamie Duffy have amassed a 3-3 record, which pins them as the most successful duo in Mercer sand volleyball history thus far.
Roy was the first to point out that her pair’s record is not important though. “Our record as a pair means nothing without team wins, and every day we play we all try to make each other better, which will eventually lead to more wins as a team,” said Roy.
Roy, a native of Florida, grew up on the beach. She started playing sand volleyball at a young age and has developed her skills overtime.
In high school, Roy started playing in local tournaments, as well as traveling throughout the state of Florida to compete on the sand. It was this experience on the court that allowed her to be so successful once Mercer began its inaugural sand volleyball season.
Roy and her partner Duffy are the No. 1 duo for the Bears, playing some of the top sand volleyball throughout the nation at the collegiate level.
There are 16 sand volleyball teams in the nation this year, and Mercer has played four of the top six, which has pinned the duo of Roy and Duffy against some extremely tough competitors.
Not only does Roy work hard on the court, but she works hard in the classroom as well. In order to prepare for what she needs to do on the sand volleyball court, she has to make sure that everything is in order before practice even begins.
The Cluster recently spent a day with Cassie Roy to see exactly how she does it all.

8:30:  Shower, get dressed, and study for daily quiz at 9:25 a.m.
9:25: Head to Principles of Finance class.
10:50: Managerial Accounting class.
12:15: Principles of Marketing class.
1:30: First meal of the day in the caf.
2:00: Prepares for 3:30 class in her room.
3:00: Gets dressed for practice in locker room.
3:30: Service Learning class.
4:15: Practice at the sand volleyball courts.
4:30: Roy begins a grueling practice in the Macon heat.
7:00: Heads back to the locker room to shower.
7:30: Eats second meal of the day at the caf or UC.
8:15: Depending on her workload, Cassie heads to either the library or to meet up with her boyfriend and friends.
11:30: Bedtime.

Cassie Roy and the Bears prepare for their next match against University of Alabama-Birmingham on April 15. Game time has yet to be determined. Roy assures that she and her teammates are prepared to go in fighting to get a win against a talented UAB squad.