Senseless deaths due to prejudice disgusting, support national equality

I realize that the investigation of Trayvon Martin’s death is highly important, but there are also more issues that should be publicized.
I truly feel that what had happened was a tragedy, and I don’t wish for anyone to think that I don’t.
My sympathy goes out to his family and friends, but there are still other cases like this one that do not receive the same amount of attention.
For example, last month a California woman was murdered in her home. The reason for her death: racism and xenophobia.
Next to the body was a note that threatened the family to go back to their home country and then called them terrorists.
The victim, Shaima Alawadi, was found by her 17 year-old daughter. This child was forced to experience hatred at its worst.
Why mention this case? What makes it important? I personally feel as if we should support national equality more often.
Senseless deaths like these make me angry.
Death is already hard to handle, but when you lose a loved one prematurely, it makes everything even worse.
No one will ever be able to know what that person could have grown up to be if his or her life had not been taken.
Trayvon could have been the doctor or scientist that found a cure for cancer or formed a foundation that helped the homeless and those of low income.
Before her traumatic finding, Fatima Al Himidi, the daughter of Shaima Alawadi, could have been a lead researcher for diabetes treatment or help NASA with their aerospace research.
In protest, many are wearing hoodies to support Trayvon’s cause.
We can also wear hijabs to support Shaima and her family.
We can also enrich ourselves in the cultures of others to rid ourselves of the ignorance of our foreigners and those neighbors who live in our very own backyards.
We need to do this for the sake of our future and that of our children.
Hopefully, the day will come when we would not have to worry about being killed for looking suspicious, or fear sleeping because some stranger will come into out homes and murder us.

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